Mediterranean style in the interior of the kitchen design of tiles and apron

Mediterranean style kitchen – Mediterranean design in the interior of the combined living room, kitchen decoration: chandeliers, tiles and an apron

The Mediterranean Sea washes the shores of Turkey, Greece, Italy, France. A lot of sun, warmth, aroma of citrus groves, specific spices, coffee.

Bright greenery, a riot of incredible colors of flowers, and an abundance of huge butterflies. And, of course, the sea itself: azure, with yellow sandy beaches, a light warm refreshing wind.

Mediterranean style design

Mediterranean Style Kitchens

Mediterranean style is very close to Italian or Provence

Many cultures have mixed here, several civilizations have crossed. All this is reflected in the Mediterranean style of interior design, similar to the decoration of the local villas.

People, having escaped to the coast from the noise, frantic pace, and numerous conventions of a big city, strive for simplicity in everything, especially in interior design. They want to do what they love, for example, an experiment in cooking, they want to receive guests for a long time, slowly. With taste to have long leisurely conversations at the table. This requires a lot of space and a special environment. All this was reflected in the features of the kitchens and living rooms, forming the so-called Mediterranean style.

There are two directions here:

Mediterranean Style Kitchens

But there is much in common between them.

The inhabitants of the Mediterranean are very hospitable, and therefore such kitchens must be spacious to accommodate many guests.

There can be no expensive and unnecessary things here. Only functional furniture and constantly used utensils.

The Mediterranean style is similar to such styles as Provence, country and shabby chic. They also have a certain desire for simplicity, convenience, light colors and functionality of objects.


Mediterranean style is very romantic, like an evening on the coast.

Mediterranean style is very romantic, like an evening on the coast.

The interior of such kitchens is both colorful and utilitarian, simple and bright:

  • do not use more than three colors and shades to avoid unnecessary variegation; no contrast in color;
  • kitchens need large rooms or their combination with the living room;
  • only natural materials are used: wood, stone, ceramics;
  • all objects, even those used for decoration, must be used in one way or another;
  • the table is designed for at least six people;
  • literally every corner should be well lit;
  • a large number of ceramics: tiles, dishes, decorative items;
  • the presence of indoor plants in the interior.
Mediterranean Style Kitchens

Despite the abundance of furniture and decorations, the Mediterranean kitchen should be spacious.

Advantages and disadvantages

The undoubted advantages include:

  • ease of design;
  • lack of expensive finishes;
  • the functionality of all items;
  • good lighting.

Perhaps the only drawback of such interiors is the impossibility of decorating them in small spaces.

kitchen living room

Mediterranean Style Kitchens

Mediterranean-style living room kitchen – the perfect solution for a country house

For the Mediterranean style, the living room kitchen is the preferred option, here you can comfortably accommodate a large number of guests and comfortably arrange furniture for relaxation, without limiting the space for cooking.

The division of zones in such kitchen-living rooms is not practiced. One room flows smoothly into another without defining boundaries, the only thing that can be done here is to place a long table on the border of the zones.

Mediterranean Style Kitchens

In the Mediterranean style, there is no sharp separation between the kitchen and the living room.

In the living area, a sofa with an open wooden frame, upholstered in a plain fabric, can be installed in a strip or a soft cage.

And they decorate the living room area with plants in tubs and large flowerpots. It is worth moving the sideboard and display cabinet here.

small room

Mediterranean Style Kitchens

In a small kitchen, Mediterranean style can only be done selectively.

In a small kitchen, you can use only certain features inherent in this style. So, for example, layout an apron with tiles under a smalt mosaic, preferably a red-brick color, this will visually expand the kitchen, like using any small tile.

It is worth putting a set, with light facades of natural wood or under it, with a traced texture, one of the cabinets of which will be completely open, and even better ─ resembling a sideboard.

Of course, it is better to paint the walls in soft pastel colors or paste wallpaper of the same colors. Cover the floor with tiles or wood, but always in light shades.

Mediterranean Style Kitchens

And you can make such a small kitchen island

You need to hang a large number of lamps. Place a wooden table in the middle and hang a chandelier over it.

Place containers with spices, coffee, dried fruits on the shelves, as in any Mediterranean cuisine. Chairs should have padded seats and backs. Light curtains will complement the interior, a small grassy palm tree on the windowsill will complete the picture.

How to make repairs with your own hands

Mediterranean Style Kitchens

Love pastel colors – a Mediterranean-style kitchen is what you need

Wall and ceiling decoration


The walls are plastered or tiled – this is a favorite option for such interiors. On plaster, they are painted in pastel colors.

In the Greek version, it is better to plaster or paint the walls, keeping all the irregularities, you can even create small roughness and irregularities artificially – this is an integral touch of the Greek Mediterranean cuisines.

In the cooking area, it is better to leave or specially lay down the brickwork

Ceilings are painted with light sand, beige necessarily matte paint. Decorative wooden beams are also attached, but in this case, this is not at all necessary.

Ceilings can also be plastered.

Mediterranean Style Kitchens

The wallpaper is plain, or you can use just such an imitation of a rough canvas


In this case, the wallpaper is used quite widely. Be sure to use plain, pastel colors, preferably rough, textured.

No floral print is allowed here.


Mediterranean Style Kitchens

The floor in the Mediterranean kitchen is often laid out with porcelain stoneware or stone

It is laid out with large tiles, preferably brown-red, or porcelain stoneware (in the Greek version).

In the Italian-style kitchen, they cover it with a whitewashed wooden board or tile, laying it out with a colored ornament.

In both options, it is good to use a stone or tile under it.

Floors can be covered with various mats.

In the budget option, it is allowed to use a laminate or linoleum, which resembles stone, tile or wood in color.


Mediterranean Style Kitchens

Light is very important for Mediterranean cuisine – it is simply filled with it.

The lighting is very good, natural, it is better to arrange such kitchens on the south side in a room with large windows.

In the winter period of the year, when there is little light, artificial lighting is organized into zones, each should be well lit by a separate lamp. Above the dining table, they hang either a chandelier with a lampshade, or a multi-track forged one. Ceiling spotlights can be used, especially well if they are directed to the island. And about plastic countertops for the kitchen can be found at the link.

How to choose furniture

Mediterranean Style Kitchens

Suite for the Mediterranean always with light facades

Furniture should stand freely, heaps are not allowed.

In the Greek version of the interiors, rattan furniture is used, reminiscent of country and garden furniture.

In Italian ─ durable, somewhat rough-massive furniture made of oak or pine prevails.

The tables are rectangular, it is better if they are handmade. Tables (in the Italian version) are not on legs, but on a stand decorated with tiles or lined with stone. Part of the countertop can also be tiled, which is interesting from an aesthetic point of view and convenient from a practical point of view.

The “Greek” table is long, rectangular, with thin legs.

Mediterranean Style Kitchens

If the kitchen is very spacious, then you can install an island kitchen. By the way, in the Mediterranean itself, they prefer just such a variant of kitchen furniture. Almost all equipment is placed on the island.

Chairs in the Italian version are wooden, with high comfortable backs. Forged items on furniture are successful. In Greek, either fully woven or with wicker elements.

In both versions of the interior, much attention is paid to the hood, here a bulky one, designed for the constant preparation of a large number of very aromatic dishes, and certainly, a domed one is suitable.

Furniture facades are made from materials of both light pastel colors and dark wood. But in any case, the wooden texture should be visible. The furniture is low, one might say, squat. It is allowed to install a headset, but it is complemented with other furniture: a sideboard, a display case, numerous open shelves.

Mediterranean Style Kitchens

In the kitchen, if space permits, it is worth putting at least a small sofa. Neither in the living room nor the kitchen do they leave empty corners and places. They install a corner cabinet showcase, an armchair, an additional serving table. But in no case should piling up be allowed, everything is functional, there is a free approach to everything.

Household appliances are not conspicuous; if possible, it is better to put them in a closet.

The sink, of course, is large, in such kitchens they cook a lot, it’s good if it is with two sinks, ceramic or stone, it can be artificial. Mixers are better to put copper or bronze.


Mediterranean Style Kitchens

The Mediterranean style decor is very neat and romantic

Curtains can be omitted here by hanging wooden blinds on the windows or by installing shutters. But if you can’t do without them, then they should be light, airy, made of simple fabrics, preferably monophonic, uncomplicated in cut, Roman in design is better. Napkins and tablecloths are made of cotton or linen with a simple pattern. How to choose a quality material for countertops can be found here.

Textile soft seats are placed on the chairs and softbacks are hung, fastened with laces. Fabric in a flower or a cage, it is better to use white and red colors.

For the meal, white napkins and towels made of natural linen are used.

Mediterranean Style Kitchens

The cabinet-showcase is filled with ceramic furniture, but at the same time it is taken into account that all this should be constantly used, there should not be “exhibition” services here. But a few decorative dishes with floral ornaments or flowers can be placed on the walls and in cabinets.

Plants look good in ceramic pots and vases.

Wicker baskets, ceramic vases, forged shelves filled with jars for spices, cereals, dried fruits, made of porcelain and ceramics, can be found here in large quantities. Ceramic dishes are placed on open shelves. Here they store olive oil, pasta in containers, jugs, and glasses, mugs for drinks. You can find out about the corner kitchen countertop here.

The kitchen apron is decorated with tiles that look like tiles or mosaics. Occasionally, natural stone or tiles imitating it are used.

Mediterranean Style Kitchens

Mediterranean Style Kitchens

Mediterranean cuisine sometimes resembles a castle of knights located on the seashore.

  • Cream ceiling;
  • walls painted with sand-colored paint;
  • wooden set made of light wood;
  • the hood is also under the tree;
Mediterranean Style Kitchens

A rough hood is one of the hallmarks of the Mediterranean style.

  • many open shelves lined with jars and other containers with spices, coffee, there is a glass jug of oil; wicker fruit baskets, a forged decorative lamp on the bottom shelf; the working surface is made of stone;
  • the apron is lined with light cream-colored tiles;
  • there is a sconce on the adjacent wall, a retractable lamp is attached to the wall above the stove;
Mediterranean Style Kitchens

Mandatory attribute pendant lights

  • in the corner there is a display cabinet with a faience light service and many different types of plates, dishes, bowls.
  • on the wall near the window, decorative plates placed one above the other;
  • against the wall to the right of the door is a double sofa with wooden armrests and checkered textile upholstery;
Mediterranean Style Kitchens

The decor of the Mediterranean-style kitchen includes a lot of wicker furniture and baskets for vegetables.

  • a rectangular table, attached to the window from the end;
  • above it are two lamps with shades;
  • light curtains the color of coffee with milk on the window;
  • on the windowsill there are two indoor plants: a grassy palm and abutilon in clay pots. And about table setting at home, you can find out in this article.
Mediterranean Style Kitchens

Light and space fill the Mediterranean-style kitchen with air

Many people like simplicity and comfort, which is why the Mediterranean style is becoming so popular. Of course, like any other interior, it is better to lay it initially during construction, but in the case of repairs, it is also possible to create a full-fledged Mediterranean style.

Mediterranean Style Kitchens

The Italian version of the Mediterranean style often uses olive and green tones.

Mediterranean Style Kitchens
Mediterranean Style Kitchens

Hanging chandelier, muted tones, and light finishes – one of the options for Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean Style Kitchens

Usually, Mediterranean cuisine has access to a terrace or balcony.

Mediterranean Style Kitchens

It looks very nice because the house is in such a light style

And even more often they use the details of such an interior: a lot of light, functional furniture, a large table, indoor plants, ceramic dishes – all this is happy to be placed in any kitchen. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the couch in the kitchen with a berth in this material.


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