Kitchen still life with your own hands – painting for the kitchen

Painting the kitchen with your own hands: still life, coffee

Anyone spends a lot of time in the kitchen. It is necessary to cook, and eat, and drink tea. A suite, modern kitchen gadgets, and a good renovation are undoubtedly needed. And so it is better to remove the TV “beloved” by many. And replace it with beautiful paintings.

It has long been scientifically proven that watching television at the table has a negative effect on the digestive system. And on the figure. Carried away by the series, you may not notice how you eat more than what was required for saturation. This will not happen with works of art.

Painting in the interior of the kitchen

paintings on the wall of the kitchen

It can have not only artistic value but also be very practical. For example, you can choose a picture clock. And it is beautiful, and the time is accurate. Artistic canvases in the interior of the kitchen can act as a central element. They can be used as additional unobtrusive elements in its design. Here you can read how to combine wallpaper designs.

Observe the rule of proportion when choosing a picture for the wall in the kitchen. In a small room – a small solid canvas or a modular version, in a large one – large and medium. Too tiny pictures can get lost in a spacious kitchen.

What would be appropriate?

A safe bet is a pretty and mouth-watering food image. Bright, stimulating the appetite, and encouraging culinary experiments!

paintings on the wall of the kitchen

Still, life is a safe bet for the kitchen

Or something neutral, like a landscape. The main rule is that what is appropriate to hang in the living room or bedroom is not appropriate in the kitchen.  If there is a fresco on the wall in the interior, then it can be suitable for any room, depending on the pattern.

paintings on the wall of the kitchen

The landscape in the kitchen looks quite appropriate – and it attracts the eye

An exception can be only if, for example, when planning where the living room and the kitchen are combined. Then the choice becomes much more diverse.

paintings on the wall of the kitchen

for combined interiors, you should choose paintings of neutral content

You should not choose an overly expensive specimen for the kitchen. The kitchen, even with a good ventilation system, is not the cleanest place in the house. Drops of grease mixed with dust, constant high temperatures can have a detrimental effect on the canvas.

Style and visual arts

paintings on the wall of the kitchen

Must match. Eclecticism, with its mixing of dissimilar components, of course, is also good. But in the capable hands of a professional designer. You can go the hard way: buy paintings and then make an interior “for them”. You can make it easier: choose your favorite interior style, and then select canvases for it. In the kitchen, decorated in a classic style, paintings in the style of art interior baroque, impressionism, realism, and romanticism are most appropriate. In beautiful gilded or carved wooden frames. Fans of the English style cannot do without images of hunting, dogs, horses, framed in graceful frames.

For a small-sized image, it is better to choose a narrow, neat frame. For a large, bright and laconic canvas – a frame with a wide frame. Pictures for the kitchen decorated in the wrong frame can be “lost”.

Still lifes and landscapes

paintings on the wall of the kitchen

Still, lifes and landscapes are favorite themes for “kitchen” paintings. Most often you can find on such canvases the image of juicy and ripe fruits and vegetables, the image of a rich table with game, delicious golden bread. Such paintings are almost universal and can organically “fit” into any interior. Most of all, such images are suitable for kitchen design in Provence or country style.

To whet your appetite, you should choose still lifes in bright colors. Red and orange have been scientifically proven to stimulate appetite receptors in the brain.

Abstract and modern canvases, photographs

paintings on the wall of the kitchen

Photos are great for a modern kitchen

Pictures from collages of photographs in the style of pop art are ideal for a Scandinavian interior. Hi-tech and minimalism interiors will fit in no less organically. Also, futuristic paintings or in the style of abstract art are perfect for Japanese minimalism and modern high-tech. Here you will find tips for choosing a photo print apron.

Feng Shui symbols

paintings on the wall of the kitchen

welcomes pictures in the kitchen of abundance that brings good luck

The kitchen, according to the teachings of Feng Shui, symbolizes abundance and health. And it refers to the elements of wood and fire. Therefore, you need to approach its design with a reasonable share of responsibility, whether it is the choice of furniture or you are looking for what color to choose for a Feng Shui kitchen.

paintings on the wall in the kitchen

In the East, since ancient times, it is believed that the image of various dishes in the kitchen contributes to the well-being and wealth in the house. You can attract that by hanging an image of large ripe apples or grapes, for example, on the walls. Or canvases with a predominance of green and red shades.

Do not place pictures of broken dishes, poverty, broken trees and predatory animals in the kitchen. Any canvases, according to the teachings of feng shui, should symbolize the desire for growth and carry energy for moving forward.

DIY paintings

paintings on the wall of the kitchen

such funny, little childish plots look very cute

Such canvases will carry a piece of the warmth of the hands of their creators. They will definitely “fit” into the interior. And they will come out at a cost much cheaper than purchased ones. There are a lot of ideas for creating pictures with your own hands.

Salted dough

paintings on the wall of the kitchen

“Prepare” literally from what every housewife has at hand: flour, salt, and water. Of course, paints, brushes, colorless varnish, and a frame can still come in handy.

An approximate recipe for such a test:

  1. mix a glass of any flour and a glass of Extra salt (fine);
  2. add half a glass of water and a tablespoon of vegetable oil;
  3. knead the dough, dense in consistency;
  4. place the resulting mass in the cold for 2-3 hours;
  5. get it out and sculpt! Grapes, a basket of grapes, a vase of fruit or flowers, cats on the roof, etc.
  6. let the piece dry (or dry it in the oven);
  7. paint and cover with colorless varnish for better preservation.

The picture will turn out to be three-dimensional. As an option: such paintings can be bought ready-made.

It is better to sculpt the picture on foil. The stucco molding will move better from such a surface.

From cereals and coffee beans

paintings on the wall in the kitchen

pictures from coffee are very exquisite and original

Such canvases are no less popular among housewives.

To make such a picture, you will need various cereals and pasta (different colors, textures and sizes), coffee beans and even ground coffee. PVA stationery glue, backing (glass, hardboard, plywood), framed. Brush, varnish, tweezers and a thick needle.

The process of working on a painting looks like this:

paintings on the wall in the kitchen
  • a drawing with a simple pencil is applied to a previously prepared substrate;
  • then a small area (3-4 cm) is smeared with glue and grains are laid out;
  • small cereals, such as semolina, are simply poured and leveled;
  • the finished product is allowed to dry and varnished on top to protect it from various insects.

Design ideas

paintings on the wall in the kitchen

Drawing on the wall is also an option to decorate the kitchen.

Every day, thousands of designers come up with new unusual solutions for not new “problems”.

For example, one such useful idea is the idea of ​​combining a work of art and a measuring instrument. As a result, you will get a picture clock. A very beautiful and practical thing. Design ideas relate not only to the shape, texture, or, for example, the color of paintings but also how to properly place the canvases in the kitchen. There are a few simple rules:

  • Vertical pictures visually “stretch” the room. These are best hung in kitchens with small ceilings;
  • It is appropriate to hang horizontal paintings on a wide wall;
  • It is not recommended to hang pictures on each wall. This visually destroys the unity of the interior;
  • The picture must be placed somewhere in the middle between the eye level of a standing and a seated person.

    Avoid direct sunlight on the painting. From this, the paint on it will quickly “fade”.


paintings on the wall in the kitchen

Such segmented (another name) paintings consist of several segments (modules), often of different sizes. But necessarily connected by a common concept and composition. When looking at such a canvas, the illusion of a smooth flow of the image from one segment to another is created. This partly enhances the impression of the painting.

Another feature is the lack of frames. A modular painting can consist of two segments – a diptych, three – a triptych, and more segments – a polyptych. Segmented canvases can be vertical, horizontal and even diagonal in shape.

paintings on the wall in the kitchen

Modular painting is very fashionable

The main thing is that the segments should be located on the wall at some (small) distance from each other. To make it clear that the picture is not complete. This is what gives a special chic to such pictures. At the same time, the image can be completely different: from abstract geometric shapes to the Sistine Madonna.

Painting clock

paintings on the wall in the kitchen

Such paintings have not only aesthetic, but also quite practical significance. A large assortment of modern models allows you to choose a picture-clock for almost any interior. They can be a standard rectangular canvas with a clock mechanism and, accordingly, an arrow in the middle. Or be part of a modular picture.

An interesting solution is a picture-clock-calendar. The picture will change depending on the season. Additional options in such a miracle device can be a thermometer and a built-in calendar. Which will show the year, month and day of the week. Such a clock works on batteries. In addition to the decorated clocks, it is worth taking a closer look at the paintings of the dishes and their further attachment to the wall.

Apron images

paintings on the wall in the kitchen

Another beautiful and practical solution to replace the boring tile panel. The special technology of making pictures on the apron will not allow the image to be erased and fade. The pattern is applied to the back of the transparent apron. Skinali (the so-called glass aprons) do not require special care. They are heat and shock-resistant.

A picture, if you wish, you can make a drawing on the kitchen wall. From the ceiling to the floor. Only with the next repair will you have to part with this work of art.

A bold and interesting solution is a mosaic picture for the kitchen. Making and laying out such a “picture” is a very laborious process.

paintings on the wall in the kitchen

The choice of a painting is important, as you will admire it every day.

Painting on the wall is not only a decoration for the kitchen, but an addition to the interior. And also it is such little things as pictures that speak about the taste of the owners.


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