Kitchen countertops: what is better to make a countertop for the kitchen

Countertop: what is better to make kitchen countertops, which countertop to choose for the kitchen

The countertop is the most important element of the kitchen and performs not only a practical but also an aesthetic function. For it to serve you as long as possible and constantly please the eye with its appearance, you must first understand the varieties of materials used in the production and the features of each of them.

Kitchen worktops: features

which countertop is better

The tabletop has several advantages. It performs both a practical function of the kitchen table and an aesthetic one – it serves as a design element. In addition, it additionally acts as a cutting board, as it is almost always subjected to mechanical stress during cooking.

So, the countertop should be made only of high-quality materials that will ensure its durability and protect it from both chemical and mechanical stress.

MDF and particleboard

which countertop is better

Today, in the production of laminated coating, which is one of the most democratic, chipboard lining with the help of laminated plastic is used.

The laminated surface is based on 3 layers: kraft paper, decorative paper, and a protective coating, which contains melamine and acrylic resin. Kraft paper is impregnated with synthetic resin, moreover, it is a strong base, which consists of several layers.

Thanks to the invisible outer layer, the chipboard tabletop is light, heat, and wear-resistant, and is also invulnerable to damage caused by falling dishes, exposure to sharp objects, detergents, and other strong chemical components. When laminating the surface, there should be no open areas at all.

which countertop is better

The chipboard tabletop looks beautiful and stylish. You just need to work the seams well

Countertops made based on chipboard and MDF are very durable and do not succumb to high temperatures and sunlight at all. In addition, they have a high degree of heat resistance, so they can be easily installed near the oven. The risks of deformation and sudden ignition are also reduced to zero.

what are the best kitchen countertops

The degree of protection of a laminated kitchen worktop from washing determines its service life, since any moisture if it gets even on a moisture-resistant surface, can easily provoke its slow swelling. If water does get on the countertop, it must be wiped off immediately, otherwise, moisture will seep through the seams into the base.

Although laminated countertops have a fairly low degree of moisture resistance, they have a more affordable price, are quite easy to install, and are also made in various decorative variations. For example, a layer made of decorative paper makes it possible to decorate the tabletop with a variety of patterns, imitating natural materials, such. like glass, natural stone, or wood.

what is the best countertop for the kitchen

Laminated countertops can be different, even imitate animal skins

solid wood

Wooden countertops for the kitchen are very often made based on an array. The most popular types of wood materials are oak, cherry, and walnut. Attach the product using a bracket that has an oval slot. When the humidity changes, this makes it possible to compensate for changes in wood volume.

This material is very sensitive to damage, liquids, hot objects, so it needs very gentle care. For this reason, wood is not the most convenient option when decorating a room.

what is the best countertop for the kitchen

The wood top has a simple enough look that allows it to fit naturally into any space.

By production of facades from the massif apply type-setting boards. Then it is well polished and a special oil is carefully applied to preserve the stability of the countertop and protect it from the external environment and any scratches. The process of coating the product with oil is quite complicated and is determined by the existing hairiness and roughness of the material.

This technique eliminates future warping of the wood due to water exposure and makes it possible to obtain a beautiful-looking countertop. Its main advantages as a decorative element are excellent in a timber or log house. But for a dining place in the kitchen, the tree fits very well.

Wooden countertops need constant care. It has long been known that wood is very flammable and, in the presence of high temperatures, is damaged. To avoid this, it is worth putting heated objects as far as possible.

A wooden countertop sometimes needs a good wipe with products specially designed for it to provide the necessary degree of protection of the outer coating from the influence of external factors. Cutting vegetables and meat should be carried out on a special kitchen board because the product can be covered with knife cuts. Learning these rules for using a kitchen countertop is not so difficult.

which countertop is better

The wooden tabletop looks very stylish and unusual, but such a tabletop also requires careful maintenance.


Natural stone is arguably the best material for countertops, thanks to its price, excellent outer shell, and practical importance. A product made of natural stone will decorate any room and set the spirit of the design style of the entire interior. A kitchen table made of artificial stone is also a good alternative to natural stone.


what is the best countertop for the kitchen

In the production of countertops, in this case, a slab is used. A granite countertop is a special slab that is essentially hard stone, basalt, or granite with a thickness of about two or three centimeters. These slabs are taken from the depths of the earth.

The plates receive their final form after the processing procedure: they are first cut out, and then they are sanded and polished, the edge is well-trimmed.

The whole technology for the production of countertops made of natural stone is very laborious, and therefore the price for them is also appropriate and is calculated on an individual basis. Most often, it varies and depends on the price of the source material, the volume of the treated area, and other important parameters. A stone sink goes well with a granite countertop, sometimes they make cast sinks with countertops.

which countertop is better

Granite countertops are beautiful, stylish, and durable. its only drawback is massiveness.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the pattern on the stone. Granite is a fairly hard material and is not as hygroscopic as other types of stone. Perhaps the main negative side of a countertop made of granite is its massiveness. It is also worth considering that natural stone, especially granite, cannot be restored. Therefore, you should not believe in the impossible and try to smooth the chipped surface with a wax pencil.


The main advantage of a marble countertop is its beautiful appearance, moreover, if it is still processed using a figured profile, it will give the kitchen interior a unique elegance. The marble countertop and sink fit perfectly into almost any room, no matter what style it is decorated in.

which countertop is better

The marble countertop looks chic, it will be a real highlight of your kitchen

Another advantage of marble is its water resistance.

Marble, as a material for countertops, has a fairly strong softness, so it is not able to withstand various mechanical damage.


Pigments, mineral filler, and acrylic resin as a binder are the main components of acrylic stone. It has a non-porous structure, and therefore is not able to absorb liquid and various chemicals, is not subject to the action of any fungi and bacteria. In addition, the acrylic stone is perfectly washed, for example, using soapy water, so there is no need to use aggressive detergents.

which countertop is better

Acrylic allows you to recreate almost any texture of the countertop, making it a fun decor element.

The surface of an acrylic countertop can only withstand exposure to very hot objects, such as pans and pots. But the surface of the stone will withstand a temperature of 180 degrees. To avoid any kind of damage, metal parts are brought into the countertop, which serves as fuses from aggressive influences. You can read more about acrylic stone countertops in the article.

Among the advantages of acrylic can be identified:

which countertop is better
  • it has exceptional resistance to household chemicals such as juices, alcohol, vinegar and fermented milk products;
  • acrylic has shock resistance, but is susceptible to scratches, and for this reason you should not be active with a knife or fork;
  • if a chip appears on the countertop, then it can be restored very quickly.


Another type of material for kitchen countertops is tempered glass in a certain technology. It is guaranteed to give the product heat resistance, strength, and water resistance. The color spectrum of glass kitchen worktops is very rich. They are also very easy to clean, but here it is worth it because abrasive cleaners can easily damage the outer layer of the product.

which countertop is better

Tempered glass countertop fits perfectly into the modern kitchen interior

The glass material gives the kitchen a fascinating and very stylish look. The glass top makes it even more impressive. It is worth remembering that glass fits better in modern styles, for example, for a loft-style kitchen. Here you need to take into account the fact that the glass material is inherently quite fragile, so it must be handled very carefully so that the glass does not crack or break.

If a crack does appear, the countertop must be replaced to avoid the occurrence of new fragments. Yes, and belief says that it is impossible to store cracked dishes or broken things in the house. Much has been said about this in the ancient teachings of Feng Shui.

which countertop is better

Gorgeous patterned glass top. Even if the rest of the furniture is not white, the kitchen will still look interesting and bright.

The glass can also break completely, but this is not dangerous, as large pieces without sharp edges almost always occur, so a cut can be easily avoided.

Due to the lack of rapid wear of glass and the difficulties that arise during its care, the cost of such glass tabletops is very expensive. In addition, scratches and chips are unlikely to be avoided. True, if the price when buying is not so important, then you can spend money on a glass countertop.

which countertop is better

looks like a thick layer of ice frozen on the table. Ideal for Scandinavian style.

stainless steel

A metal countertop will look great in a high-tech room. It is very hygienic and heat-resistant, and it is not afraid of any chemical influences.

Distinguish mirror, polished and corrugated surface of the tabletop. The latter has more practicality but is more difficult to maintain. It can also be brushed metal. He, perhaps, has the best practicality: such a surface is very easy to wash and sand if there is damage.

The main disadvantage of this version of the countertop is that the metal surface allows you to see all the damage present, uneven and dirty areas, as well as fingerprints. In addition, metal countertops can only be found in a rectangular shape.

brick tiles for the kitchen

Tile on an apron with a brick is one of the classic options for decorating a work area.

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What to look for when choosing

To ensure a long service life of the kitchen worktop, it is necessary to take into account the properties of various materials when choosing it:

which countertop is better

The determining factor is the degree of hardness. If it is high, then the countertop has good durability. This means that you can easily cut vegetables and meat on it and carry out almost any manipulation during cooking.

It is also worth considering when choosing a countertop its water permeability. It shows how much moisture the material can absorb. There is also a connection between the resistance of the countertop to the occurrence of various kinds of pollution.

It often happens that coffee or another drink is poured onto the product. It follows from this that the material from which the countertop is made should not be porous.

With a decrease in the degree of water permeability, the resistance of the material to the occurrence of pollution, and hence to an increase in the number of bacteria, increases.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the compliance of the countertop material with hygiene standards.

It is necessary to try to make sure that the countertop both fulfills its main duties and harmonizes with other elements of the room.

Useful properties should be combined with the appearance of the product. In addition to a variety of color combinations, it is possible to purchase the worktop with a variety of special topcoat treatments, such as a polished surface. Countertop in the interior of the kitchen

which countertop is better

The tabletop can become a central element of the decor or the center from which you should start when decorating the room. Now there is a wide variety of countertops, also made in different colors. This is especially true for materials such as chipboard, glass, and natural stone. In addition to the usual colors, there are options made in white, red, turquoise, lemon, pistachio, green, purple. Many housewives like to choose black countertops. The tabletop can be matched to the color of your home furniture or highlighted with a contrasting color. It will look very nice if there is an interesting texture on the countertop. Studies have long confirmed that the color of the table largely determines the presence of appetite. So, blue suppresses it, and yellow and orange increase it. You can use this knowledge and choose the shade of the countertop that matches the purpose.

which countertop is better

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, it is also necessary to take into account the practical one. A product made in white, black, and other bright shades must be looked after with special care, as they show all dirt and stains well. A pastel-colored countertop will bring coziness to the room and will have a neater look while cooking.

The most common colors are close to nature, which imitate wood. The importance of textures texture has a huge impact on the design and functionality of the countertop. It can be with a perfectly smooth glossy, matte, and also with a corrugated surface. At the same time, in the same color, countertops with different textures are perceived quite differently: The glossy surface makes the room much brighter, however, it focuses on all the damage present, which always appears over time in those places where vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish, as well as other products, are most often cut.

which countertop is better

The glossy surface makes the interior brighter and more expressive. The corrugated surface of a countertop made of natural stone or glass needs a lot of effort in the process of cleaning it, as the protrusions collect all the dirt over time, which is then difficult to remove. It is useful only if practicality plays the least role in the interior of the kitchen of a private house or apartment.which countertop is better

The corrugated surface needs careful care. A traditional-style kitchen needs a textured laminate countertop that looks like wood or natural stone. Their surface is pleasant to the touch and they are not as difficult to care for as other products. Such countertops, especially if they are made in bright colors, retain their original appearance for quite a long time and rarely become boring.which countertop is better

This countertop perfectly masks all damage and scratches. In a conclusion, there is a huge connection between the material from which the countertop is made and its practical benefits. Therefore, before you finally make your choice, you should ask yourself what role the product will play in the interior: a kitchen appliance or a decorative element?


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