Kitchen chairs with backrest: a Viennese chair in the interior

The Viennese chair became popular immediately after its appearance in the 30s of the 19th century. Since then, the Viennese chair has been modified, modernized, decorated, but still invariably returned to its classic version – so reliable, elegant and stylish. And today the Viennese chair, familiar from childhood, still adorns.

Viennese chair in the interior

Classic models first appeared in furniture stores in Vienna, from where they got their name. The peculiarity of the products was the special lightness and smoothness of the lines, which were obtained due to the special processing of the wood . The legs of the Viennese chair are slightly curved, and the backrest is adjusted to the person’s back. The first Viennese chairs were made exclusively from beech. For almost sixty years, the chairs patented by the Austrians were made exclusively in Vienna, which further rooted the name.

Viennese chair in the interior

It looks like a Viennese chair in the interior

But after the expiration of the patent, Viennese chairs began to be produced in all European countries of the world. The Viennese chair was already a whole line of products that were made from different types of wood. You can find out about modern furniture in the interior of the kitchen by following the link.

Particularly popular was model No. 14, which was used in the interiors of both royal palaces and the offices of ordinary clerks.


  1. Strength. Such a chair will last for several decades. Versatility. This chair can be used in almost any interior.
  2. Lightness . Due to its special design, the chair is quite lightweight.
  3. Convenience . The excellent ergonomics of the chair makes the chair comfortable in every way.

For the first time, manufacturers even used such a publicity stunt – they threw the Viennese chair from the Eiffel Tower, and it did not break.

In a modern kitchen

Despite the fact that for more than a century the Viennese chair has lived side by side with the owners of the house, it is still relevant for design in different styles. And you can find out about kitchens in green tones here.

  • A Viennese chair will be appropriate in Provence or country style (Mediterranean or Italian versions).Provence style Viennese chair
  • Provence style Viennese chair
  • It can be used for decoration in vintage or retro style, art deco, modern or baroque style . And you can find out about chrome chairs in this article.
  • Classic style is impossible to imagine without a Viennese chair. Its sophisticated design matches the backdrop of an elegant kitchen or classic dining room.

Such a chair will look good against the background of ampelous plants – a kind of winter garden. If your kitchen is combined with a balcony, think of a small round table and a pair of Viennese chairs and Viennese chairs for real French charm.

Here are some options for using the Viennese chair:

  • Several high chairs can be used to decorate the bar ;Viennese bar stoolViennese bar stool
  • Elegant chairs level the heavy dining group with a sofa or massive armchairs a little;
  • Curved furniture looks good in classrooms or meeting rooms ;

The restored Viennese wooden chairs with a back will look just as exquisite and beautiful as the furniture brought from the salon.

Chair with backrest in different interiors

The Viennese chair is such a versatile piece of furniture that even after making a major overhaul several times with a complete change in design , this chair with bent legs and a curly back will be appropriate in almost all interiors.

Eco and Scandinavian style

Natural materials are the main requirement for these styles . Therefore, wooden furniture is the best option for eco and Scandunavian.

vienna scandinavian chair

Vienna Scandinavian Chair

Furniture is predominantly light in color, therefore, either light types of wood are used, or painted in white, blue or beige.

Vintage, shabby chic, provence

If the Scandinavian style is very austere with a minimum of decor, the Provence or shabby chic style, on the contrary, has a lot of small decor. But the Viennese chair will not get lost here either, on the contrary, with its elegant and graceful lines, they will add lightness to the room and make it more delicate. You can find out about transparent chairs for the kitchen here.

Viennese chair in vintage style

Vienna vintage style chair

A Viennese chair with a backrest looks good in a vintage interior, especially if you cover it with a patina and make a few scuffs. Such a chair will be complemented by bright covers with ribbons or soft overhead seats.

Classic, English

A distinctive feature of these styles is solid materials, expensive finishes and time-tested elegant lines of facades.

Stylish chairs are perfect for these styles. An elegant chair with a back will emphasize the laconic style, the elegance and beauty of wooden furniture and the timeless sophistication that fills the room .

Viennese English style chair

Viennese English style chair

In a classic interior, chairs with a back made of dark wood, or painted in chocolate or wenge color, look best. Even against the background of the light facade of the kitchen, it is the dark silhouette of the Viennese chair that will look better. Various decorative chair covers are also often used.

Modern, contemporary

These are modern styles where elegant lines, simplicity and minimal decor are important. In this style, Viennese chairs look very elegant and harmonious . And if the chair has a curly back, such furniture will become a good decor.

Viennese modern chair

Classic modern

But in these styles, chairs with a back can be bright colors – that is, they can be that bright spot in the room.

A Viennese chair can decorate your room for a long time, changing its appearance or, on the contrary, adjusting the style of the room to your liking, making it more elegant and sophisticated. Do not rush to throw away the old chair with a back, give it a second life and it will fit into any interior of your kitchen with dignity. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the white wooden chairs with an upholstered kitchen seat in this material.


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