Island Kitchen Layout

Island Kitchen Layout are very amazing.

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island kitchen layout

Off to the island! The kitchen island is THE trend in kitchen planning. No wonder: because a cooking island – assuming the appropriate room size – fits almost every other kitchen shape and thus provides even more space, work space and storage space. In addition, the cooking island is ideal for cooking together.

A popular gathering place for parties or oversized sideboard for luscious meals. A cooking island is a freestanding element in kitchen planning. Depending on space, size and desires, the kitchen island accommodates both sink and stove.

Only one of the two or serves as a pure work surface. For example, the currently very popular cooktops with integrated extractor hood are very often used on kitchen islands. 

Kitchen Island

island kitchen layout

If you build yourself or make a rental apartment in the upper price range. You can not miss it: the  cooking island . Accessible from every side, with plenty of workspace and optically convincing.

The favorites of modern kitchens present themselves. On request, the stove is again in the center – at the same time you are in the action, with the family, with friends.

Advantages Of A Island Kitchen Layout

  • Cooking together becomes a pleasure
  • a cooking island is communicative
  • Deeper workspace
  • Useful room divider
  • Additional storage space
  • Island as a buffet

island kitchen layoutDisadvantages Of A Island Kitchen Layout

  • In rental housing only with permission
  • Needs lots of space

Frequent Locations

An island needs more. More space in this case, especially since even kitchen walls or kitchen units in  L-form  should be installed. For the island kitchen no bustle is too big. If the work  surface is large enough, the  kitchen island can easily become a standing space between the kitchen area and the dining area. A  modern kitchen  for nice hours together.

Island Kitchen Layout  Sizes

Between the island and the walls, the kitchen unit or the dining area should be a good meter – rather more – space for passageways. Therefore, a kitchen island is not suitable for every room size and shape. What dimensions, distances and floor plan data you should consider when planning a cooking island, we tell you in here:

island kitchen layoutTips For Planning Island Kitchen Layout

  • When the stove is placed on the cooking island, you should pay attention to a good extractor. Otherwise, the smells spread even easier throughout the room.
  • Traditionally, the stove and sink connections are on the wall. When planning your kitchen, pay attention to what you can and want to accommodate on the kitchen island.
  • Ideally you can place about 120 cm space between kitchen island and kitchenette. Less than 90cm, it should not be synonymous with small kitchens really.

Inspiration: Examples, Ideas And Pictures

Kitchen islands are available in a variety of shapes, colors and materials. There is no limit to your imagination when planning your stay: from wooden kitchens with islands, black cooking islands with matt fronts to the classic white cooking island.

Benefits Of A Cooking Island

This article is about the cooking island advantages. A kitchen island is for many a fixed component of a new kitchen planning. Why cooking islands are so trendy, the following kitchen island benefits.

Cooking Island Advantage 

Who does not like to cook alone, who will have a cooking island with a true joy. For a freestanding kitchen island can – depending on the division – be worked on all 4 sides. So even cooking with small groups of 5 or 6 people on an average cooking island is not a problem.

 A Cooking Island Is Communicative

While one cooks with the face to the wall with many classical kitchen forms, one stands with a cooking island in the middle of the room. This also makes communication with guests or the partner easier.

Deeper Work space

Most kitchen islands are much deeper like work surfaces along a wall. This not only makes cooking more fun, but even provides useful storage or decoration space when not cooking.

Useful Room Divider

The trend in house and apartment construction has been going on for some years to open kitchen kitchens. In an open living situation, it is often desired that the kitchen area be easily separated from the dining and living area. 

A kitchen island is a useful room divider here. Combining the cooking island with a bar creates a great transition between the kitchen and the living area, which you are guaranteed to enjoy.

Extra Storage Space

A cooking island offers storage space, which is often easily accessible from both sides. Depending on the kitchen design and size of the cooking island, the entire work surface is often moved to the cooking island. As a result, the other kitchen cabinets can be equipped with more storage space.

Island As A Buffet

A cooking island has many benefits, not only during cooking. Even as a buffet makes you an excellent figure.

Pictures and ideas for dream kitchens 

Most kitchens in Europe have white fronts – so you do not have to look far for ideas and pictures of white kitchens. But finding kitchens that have a completely white kitchen island is a bit more difficult. Because usually the white kitchen island is combined with a black worktop. In this post we show you dream kitchens with white kitchen islands.

White Island Kitchen Layout

A carpentry kitchen with a white kitchen island used as a work surface. Photo credit: Carpenter Beer

In this white carpenter’s kitchen, the white kitchen island is used as a pure work surface. The hob with BORA extractor down and the sink are placed in the kitchenette in front of the window.

Large White Island Kitchen Layout With Seating

The large white kitchen island in this loft kitchen serves as a work surface. The front part has been implemented without cooking island base cabinets. This creates a white dining table as a direct extension of the white cooking island.

White Cooking Island Made Of White Granite

This white cooking island looks very classy. The white granite worktop , which is also used on the side, gives this white cooking island a very special look. The extension of the worktop on the back also creates a  modern counter .

White Cooking Island With Cook-top Extractor

As a contrast to this white cooking island, a black hob with extractor hood has been installed.

White Cooking Island With Wood Bar

In this white kitchen, the white cooking island has been supplemented with a wooden plate. The result is a practical kitchen bar, which ensures a cozy atmosphere, even if the fire in the oven does not burn.

White Kitchen Island In Kitchen With Dining Area And Fireplace

Well a white kitchen island makes itself  in a rustic atmosphere. The spacious kitchen with adjoining dining area offers enough space for the entire family plus guests.

Ideas For Your New Black Island Kitchen Layout

In this post we have collected kitchen images for your new black kitchen island. The pictures will surely give you some new ideas on how to integrate a black kitchen island into your kitchen design.

Black Island Kitchen Layout With Bar And Privacy Screen

A chic kitchen with black kitchen island, which stands out for its interesting combination with copper-colored lamps, kitchen handles and worktop. Practically, of course, is the bar, where you can comfortably drink a glass of wine with friends. The counter also serves as a practical screen on the black kitchen island.

Joiner’s Kitchen With Black Kitchen Island And Wooden Fronts

In this carpenters kitchen one uses the black kitchen island as contrast to the light wood fronts. On the kitchen island find a sink and hob – ideal for communicative cooking with friends.

Black Cooking Island With Wood Insert For The Sink And Hob

Island Kitchen LayoutThe black kitchen island has been combined with wood inserts that fit the sink and hob. This creates a harmonious workplace that has not been seen so often.

Kitchen Island In Black With White Elements

Also in this kitchen you break the black of the kitchen island. Here one uses for the contrast white elements, which make the black kitchen block somewhat lighter. The high cabinets and white and black were chosen to match. The wooden floor fits perfectly with this color concept.

Black Glossy Cooking Island

For those who were not entirely convinced by the dull black of the previous examples, perhaps this high-gloss kitchen island by Alno is the right one for you. The glossy fronts in white and black on the back wall are continued in the black kitchen island. Combined with a black bar, staying in this design kitchen is certainly fun.

Black Kitchen Island With Concrete Worktop

If the color black alone is not heavy enough, the black kitchen island can also be combined with a concrete worktop .

Kitchen With Peninsula: Open Kitchen For Small Spaces

A kitchen with a peninsula is the little sister of a freestanding kitchen island . However, this is in no way inferior. Rather, it is an optical and functional highlight for small kitchens in a limited space. We’ll tell you what a kitchen with a peninsula can do, and what to consider when planning.

Advantages Of A Kitchen With Peninsula

The advantages of a cooking island are obvious: they are workstations, provide storage space, serve both as a cooking surface and as a dining table, they shorten working distances and open up the kitchen space for the whole family. 

In addition, they are already visually a must-have for modern, open kitchens. The problem with freestanding cooking islands, however, is that they require a relatively large amount of space and are therefore not suitable for small kitchen spaces.

 And that’s where kitchens with peninsulas come into play. Because the peninsula in a kitchen offers exactly the same advantages of a freestanding island, but only half the space, because they are adjacent to one side of a wall or a kitchenette .

 A peninsula kitchen is perfect for you if you have an open kitchen with cooking area and living / dining area in a desirable, but only little space available.

Pay Attention When Planning A Kitchen With A Peninsula

Since a peninsula is basically nothing more than an additional, freestanding kitchenette, not much else has to be considered in the planning than in the planning of any other kitchen. Kitchens in L-shape or G-shape are particularly suitable as a basic form . 

How you design them in detail depends on your individual preferences and needs. Just as you place the sink or hob on the peninsula – or neither. It is only important to pay attention to existing water and electricity connections when planning .

 Another important point in planning a kitchen with a peninsula is the walkways. In order to have enough freedom of movement, you should pay attention to between the peninsula and other kitchen furniture Minimum distance of 1.2 m .

Kitchens With A Peninsula

White kitchen with marble-look peninsula

Kitchen with peninsula in marbled granite

island kitchen layoutWhite glossy kitchen with peninsula and wooden bar

island kitchen layout

island kitchen layoutA special model: Y-kitchen with two peninsula of Ballerina

Modern Country Kitchen 

island kitchen layoutFor many, a modern country kitchen is the epitome of a dream kitchen. The country kitchen Versailles-de-Luxe of light with island. And stone worktop will certainly be no exception. The rustic kitchen combines the typically luxurious look of a classic country kitchen with the amenities of modern kitchen furniture.

island kitchen layoutThe modern country kitchen with kitchen island can accommodate many guests.

The front in the column optics fits perfectly into the overall picture of the modern country kitchen. Behind her is a handy storage cabinet.


Also in the cooking island no place is given away. The decorative column is at the same time a practical extension. ideal as a storage space for tea towels or other kitchen utensils.

island kitchen layoutModern country kitchen with kitchen island.

Of course, golden handles are part of a modern country kitchen. To be seen here at the drawer in the cooking island with stone worktop . The handles are used throughout the kitchen.

island kitchen layoutDrawer in the cooking island with stone worktop.

Cabinets with glass windows and golden handles are naturally. It also standard features in Leicht’s modern country kitchen.

island kitchen layoutGolden handles and cupboards with glass fronts. 

For a coherent overall picture, the combination of cabinets with glass fronts and classic, closed upper cabinets. Decorative pillar ornaments give the kitchen the luxurious charm of the past. Of course, a chandelier above the cooking island fits perfectly into this noble ambience.

island kitchen layoutHigh and upper cabinets with decorative ornaments.

Another highlight are the semi-transparent fronts of the tall cabinets. Which characterize the look of the country house kitchen in addition to the classic fronts and glass fronts.

island kitchen layoutModern country kitchen with kitchen island. 

Open elements ensure that the front does not look too closed.

island kitchen layoutOpen elements ensure that the front does not look too closed. 

Kitchen Island In The KitchenKitchen Islands

island kitchen layout

The kitchen island is the queen of kitchen designs. And an absolute must in any design kitchen. The modern cooking island is the focus of every open kitchen and allows the smooth transition between kitchen and living room to a so-called eat-in kitchen. At the same time, a well-planned and well thought-out cooking island can serve as a room divider. In its simple design, also as an additional dining and work surface. The design of a kitchen island is diverse. And the design of cooking islands knows no bounds.

Ideas And Trends For Design Cooking Islands

Classic Kitchen Island With White Fronts

island kitchen layoutWhite kitchen with stainless steel worktop; Photo credit: Hase and Kramer Dornbirn

This timeless and classic cooking island in white impresses with its simple and simple design. Clear contours in combination with white  , glossy-look fronts and a stainless steel worktop make this island kitchen a modern cookie.

Kitchen Island In The Trendy Country House Style

island kitchen layoutModern Regina kitchen in country stylear – even in combination with a modern cooking island. The secret of a successful country kitchen-style kitchen with island is the combination of rustic country house elements with modern kitchen design, as in this example by Regina Küchen .

Colorful Kitchen Island For More Variety

island kitchen layoutYellow kitchen island of Lago

Colored cooking islands are perfect for adding variety and liveliness in open-plan kitchens. Kitchen islands in bold colors or in a colorful pattern and color mix create a good mood. But also need some courage when planning a new kitchen .

Modern Cooking Island Made Of Concrete And Wood

island kitchen layoutMix of concrete and wood

Concrete is not only popular as a floor or wall coverings. But also finds its way into modern kitchens. A cooking island with a concrete or concrete look worktop gives open kitchen an industrial look. In combination with wood. However, Cire kitchen islands exude a natural and soothing atmosphere in home kitchens.


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