How to use dried tamarind

We will tell you about how to use dried tamarind. The tamarind is a versatile food item that it mostly uses to enhance the flavors. It adds to different sweet or savory dishes. Inside this fruit, it has many seed pods. This texture has to resemblance with dates. It is present worldwide in the Caribbean, Mexico, etc.

What is tamarind?

The tropical fruits are too delicious. The tamarind is also one of them. You can add it to give the best flavors in your cooking. There is a large quantity of tartaric acid. This acid has many benefits that will increase the different flavors of the dishes.

Taste of tamarind

Its taste is both sweet and sour. This fruit has the best fibrous consistency. It is enough soft that easily mix in the food. You have two options for adding it. It is great to take from its slab or direct from the pods. Both have a delicious taste.

Ways to Use this fruit

If your main purpose is to enhance the flavor of the dish, you will need little quantity of it. It is with very unique sweet as well as sour flavors. It means that it enables to easily increase the good taste of different dishes. Here, we are telling you about what are those ways to use this food item in your cooking.

1. Most of the time, we prepare side dishes such as chutney. For the making of it, it is crucial to use only two tablespoons of tamarind. Therefore, it adds a sour taste to it.

2. It is with the best level of acidity. Thereby, it considers as one of the best meat tenderizers. It is the main ingredient in the preparation of marinades. As a result, the beef becomes soft from the inside.

3. When we talk about Indian curries, we come to know that they also contain tamarind. If you also want to make it, then you have to mix it with coconut milk. In this way, the sour taste reduces.

How to use dried tamarind

4. Another great way of its use is that it contains edible seed. Thus, it can eat as a snack. In the culture of the Caribbean, they roast it and love to eat it. If you are a lover of baking, this ingredient can use in cakes.

5. It is excellent to use in the recipes of different tasty sauces. You have to only whisk it with vinegar and then mix in the other ingredients of the sauce.

6. Besides the sour taste, when you will combine it with sugar, it becomes sweeter. You can put this sweetener in numerous desserts.

Is it Healthy?

Health is the most important in our lives. This fruit is with various beneficial benefits. It has a large amount of vitamin C. Even, it is exceptional to eat during sickness. For instance, it enables to reduce fever. It can easily regulate body temperature due to the presence of acidity.

Recipes That Use this food item

There are large numbers of recipes that need the use of it. But, here, we will tell you about the most popular dishes. Its distinct flavor makes it unique and urges us to use it in different foods.

1. Tamarind balls

For making it, first of all, moisten the fruit in water. The water should be hot. After that, remove the seeds from it and combine them with the sugar. In this recipe, we will need three cups of brown sugar. You can also add red chili powder as per your desire.  

Then, leave this mixture for a minimum of 10-12 hours. Now, you will need a sprinkle of some more sugar. Make the balls with your hands. After making it, leave them for one hour, so they will completely dry. In the end, sprinkle brown sugar and serve.

2. Beef and broccoli

It is easier to make a marinade for the cooking of the beef with this fruit. Mix it with soy sauce, and sugar. Then, add garlic and lemon. Mix them very well. After that, put the beefsteak in the marinade and keep it in the fridge for one hour only. 

Now, it’s time to heat the oil and fry the beef in it. When it will fully cook, add the remaining mixture to it. At this point, you can use any of your favorite vegetables. Broccoli is a healthy vegetable, so we are adding it. Cook it until it becomes soft.

3. Vegetable curry

The curry is tastier especially if it contains vegetables. For making this recipe, you will need coconut oil. Heat the oil in the wok. Put the small pieces of onion in it. When it became translucent, add ginger & garlic paste. Stir them for two to three minutes. 

Then, add salt, red chili powder, and curry. Also, you can add cumin. Mix all vegetables that you want. The choice for the vegetables includes carrot, potato, or broccoli. Lastly, put tamarind with coconut milk. Keep cooking until the vegetables are ready to eat.

4. Chutney

The first step is to put this tamarind in hot water. This recipe needs brown sugar. Put the sugar and cook until it fully mixes. After that, add coriander leaves with all the spices. After its complete mixing, use more water to decrease the thickness. The quantity of water depends on your personal choice.

5. Agua Fresca

Firstly boil the water. You have to remove any stringy fiber from the fruit. Turn off the heat, and put sugar and fruit in the hot water. Then, leave it for an hour. This purpose is for the cooldown of water. When it became cool, remove all the seeds from the fruit. The fruit turns into a soft texture that you can easily mix with sugar. Use more water if you want little thick consistency.

6. Pad Thai

Take a bowl and put this fruit and fish sauce. Mix well. Then, add vinegar & sugar. You will need rice noodles. Soak them for a minimum of thirty minutes. Take a pan and heat the vegetable oil. Cook the chicken breast completely. Now remove on a separate plate. 

Again add further oil, and put garlic and egg. After that, put prepared mixture, chicken, and mix very well. At last, add rice noodles. Before serving, garnish this dish with peanuts. 


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