How to tell if tamarind is bad given

Tamarind is a tropical fruit that contains the best benefits. It is good for the health of the heart. You can make a variety of the best dishes with the use of it. After a certain time, it goes bad. But many people have no idea about how to tell if tamarind is bad given. If it will not open, it remains fresh for a few years. But, after its opening, it will not good after its expiry. Thus, we will tell some indications that will tell you about its quality.

Ways to tell if tamarind is bad

Everyone has an idea that every food product has a specific expiry time. Some particular signs will tell that it became bad. And, it is not suitable for eating. When you will notice even any of one such sign, you should avoid eating it. The knowledge of this aspect is very important.

1. Presence of mold

The first clearest indication is the presence of mold. You will quickly know it the first time of check. After a specific time, the discoloration will start. It will lead to the appearance of mold. This sort of food is awful and you have to immediately throw it in the dustbin.

2. Leakages of container

To know about its quality, you have to check the condition of the container from time to time. The container is must free from any sort of leak or rust. Otherwise, the tamarind is not suitable for further use. If you will not notice any mold, transfer the fruit to another container. But, discard it if you see any little mold.

How to tell if tamarind is bad given

3. off smell

With the simple smell, you will easily know whether it is useful or not. When you will not find out its condition with appearance, and then smell it. In case, if it is with an off smell, then trash it instantly. So, purchase the fresh one.

4. Texture

The texture is a critical component to know the quality of it. You can check it with the holding and touching of its texture. If you feel that the paste of tamarind is no thicker, it means it is unpleasant. Therefore, throw it out and buy the good ones.

5. Taste goes off

After using the above all ways, the last method is the tasting of it. If you did not properly know with the use of the above indications, then taste it. It is not wrong to say that taste is the last option. Normally, it is sour, but when it became too bitter, so it is not good. Toss it and purchase the fresh ones from the market.

Can You Freeze it?

Yes, you can freeze it. But, it is essential to always freeze fresh fruit. The purpose is that the fresh fruit will remain fresh for a longer time in the freezer. In particular, this method is especially for those persons who want to store tamarind for the upcoming year. The one essential thing that you should consider is the choosing of an airtight container. So, this fruit will never be bad to eat. Moreover, you can write the date on it when you will freeze it. However, it may change its little flavor but not be harmful to health.

How Long Does it Last

The life span depends on the way your store. It lasts for more than seven days when you will store it at room temperature. On the other hand, if you keep it in the refrigerator, it lasts for up to three months. Lastly, when you will choose the freeze method, you will use it for one year in different dishes. Always try to use it during its life span. But, when it will expire, it will not good taste. 


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