How to make Homemade Mayonnaise in 3 minutes

Today I bring you an incredible recipe, we are going to learn how to make homemade mayonnaise in 3 minutes. They are going to love it! How are you handling this quarantine? I hope you are taking care of yourself. I send you a virtual hug and I hope to be able to accompany you from this side of the screen!

On my YouTube channel there are videos every Wednesday and Saturday with a lot of interesting things! Did you see it? If you go there you will find a lot of content! Since we have to stay at home due to the Coronavirus (or COVID-19), they can take advantage of it to venture not only with this homemade mayonnaise but also in the kitchen in general and try to do everything! Anyway, you have to do a little exercise too … It is not a matter of eating all day!

About this homemade mayonnaise recipe

To prepare it we only need four ingredients and 5 minutes of time. With that you only get a much better mayonnaise than what you buy in the supermarket! Indispensable for salads, milanesas, sandwiches … Everything is richer with a well-made mayo, don’t you think?

For this mayonnaise recipe we are going to use an egg and an electric mixer. It can be done with a hand mixer but you are going to get a bodybuilder’s arm, so if you have an electric mixer, better. This is the base sauce for all homemade mayonnaise, once you learn how to make it, you can add all the variations you can think of! In addition to herbs, you can add another sauce, such as ketchup or mustard, and thus create a new sauce …

Another thing that can be added is a little honey and old-fashioned mustard or Dijon mustard and ugh! They do not know the rich dressing that remains! You can add a little fresh thyme or dill to that mixture. Also pickles … Oh, I’m getting excited about ideas, what you have to know is that you can play with the flavors and ingredients that you like the most.

When choosing the oil for this homemade mayonnaise, you must take into account your tastes purely and exclusively. They can use only a neutral oil such as corn oil or sunflower oil or, as I like it: mix it with olive oil. They can do it half and half… They decide that in a consensus with their heart.

5 tips for the perfect mayonnaise

if you follow these tips you will break it!

Homemade mayonnaise is very simple to make, but it does have its little tricks. If you take them into account, you will be the king or queen of dressings!

  1. Use the egg at room temperature . If you had it in the fridge (as it should be, please do not store the eggs in any other place than there, ok?) You have to take them out at least an hour before making the mayonnaise. It will turn out better!
  2. Use a narrow container , where the mixer fits just right. You can use the glass that comes with the minipimer, it is ideal for this.
  3. Pour the oil in the form of a thread while beating, this will facilitate the emulsion and will not cut it. If it is difficult for you to do it with one hand and hold the mixer with the other or ask someone to help you … Dear, we are all going to enjoy this sauce so let’s get to work!
  4. This trick is the definitive one, you can ignore me in the rest but in this one you have to read me ok? Are you reading me carefully? Okay. Here we go: you have to insert the mixer to the bottom of the container, turn it on and leave it completely still .
  5. Only when it has emulsified can it be moved with the mixer to integrate everything and beat again. This also works to incorporate a bit of air into the mix and make it a little lighter and more full-bodied.

Without further ado, let’s go with the infallible recipe for homemade mayonnaise. If you paid attention to me and follow these tricks, you will not buy industrial mayonnaise again in your life. That I assure you!

Here we go…


about 250 or 300 grams of mayonnaise come out

  • 200 ml of oil (in the proportions you choose)
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • a pinch of salt

How to make homemade mayonnaise step by step

it takes 3 minutes

  1. Put the egg, lemon juice and salt in a bowl.
  2. Begin to pour the oil in the form of a thread and begin to beat. Pay full attention because if you miss it, you cut it! Beat until emulsified and a creamy mixture forms.
  3. Once it has emulsified, mix to incorporate everything. Taste and rectify the flavors.
  4. Ready! You can add a little more lemon for a stronger lemon flavor.

Homemade mayonnaise lasts 2 to 3 days in the fridge, so don’t make too much of it so it doesn’t go to waste ! Doing it takes very little time, you can do it again whenever you want!


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