How to make Breadfruit Juice

The breadfruit is yummy, and most people eat it as fried or roasted. Many of us have no idea about how to make breadfruit juice. You may get surprised and think about how it is possible. But you indeed make its juice with less effort. There are different spices that we will use in the making of it. These spices will give the exotic flavor that is the best in taste. All ingredients are available everywhere, and you can buy them in any shop near your house.

Table of Contents


One breadfruit (medium-size)

Half teaspoon of Nutmeg

Condensed milk of one cup

One tablespoon of sugar

Half cup of evaporated milk


All the instructions are easier to follow. Firstly, cut the breadfruit. It is the best idea to cut it in small quarters. The proper cooking of it is the essential step in this recipe.

You have to remove the skin & seeds of all pieces. After that, boil them into the water. The boiling should do on medium heat. Keep boiling until all the pieces become soft. You can check it with the use of a knife.

The next step is the blending of the fruit. You can easily blend it in any high-quality blender. It is good to blend at high speed. We will add that water to the blender, which will use to boil the fruit. Continuously blend, so all pieces become soft.

Now, add the remaining other ingredients to the blender. Again, blend the mixture. After making it, you can stir it with a spoon. The thickness is per according to your desire.

You can add more water if you want to make little thin juice. Before serving, keep the juice in the refrigerator for at least 1-2 hours. At last, serve it with the addition of the ice cubes.


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