How To Keep Your Kitchen Clean?

You might have heard the advice of a saint, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” This must be the golden rule of the kitchen. A kitchen is a place where revolutions take place quite often. Here you break free from your bondage and indulge in creativity. 

The kitchen is like a battlefield, and you can well imagine yourself as the Achilles flexing muscles…the Ulysses, setting sail for a new adventure! But after the epic battle between the veggies and meat with the knife and the fork is over, what remains is the debris of utensils besmeared and bedraggled in sauce and flour, making your battlefield a complete mess! Helplessness reigns supreme!

Now that you are awake from your creative pursuits and the revolutions, the headache that remains is cleaning. Yes, for some of us, cleaning is the most difficult task in the kitchen. 

If you find it alike, you are in the right place. The article discusses some of the most effective ways to clean your kitchen. 

Ways To Keep The Kitchen Clean 

The first thing that you need to clean the kitchen effectively is your commitment and patience. Now if you have them, you are well set to clean your kitchen. Here we discuss some of the most effective ways through which you keep your kitchen clean.

So let’s start the discussion right here so that you have a better understanding of things.

1. Keep Things Minimalistic

Minimalism is the first piece of advice that can help you keep your kitchen well-maintained. This is more of a philosophy than a strategy. 

If you have more utensils, you are using them more. After you finish, you will soon find out that in your kitchen, you will see more utensils and towels to clean. If you keep your utensils and containers clean, you can be good at cleaning. Therefore you need a minimalistic approach to clean things easily. 

2. Clean While You Wait 

When you spend your time in the kitchen, ensure that you engage in cleaning. You can turn it into a habit. By the time you leave your kitchen, clean it all. This kind of practice can be beneficial with your cleaning work. 

You can even do cleaning and cooking simultaneously. Do remove grease from cabinets while cooking. Do it in such a way that you can finish your cooking and cleaning side by side. It is a great way to manage your kitchen. 

2. Clean The Sink After Washing Up 

The area of your kitchen that turns the dirtiest in the sink. While you are busy with your kitchen, plunge your sink into used water. After the cooking is over, you will notice the basin turn greasy. Hence you immediately have to clean it after you are done. 

Wear a rubber glove and use your cleaner to clean your sink. Make it thoroughly clean. When you’re cleaning the dirt, wash it with water. Please do remember this must be a part of your cleaning activity.  

3. Clean up the spills As Soon As Possible

One of the effective ways of keeping the kitchen clean is using the mop and water while you do the cleaning. When you are engaged in your cooking, it becomes almost impossible to maintain your kitchen. 

What you need is to keep the cases in their own places after every use. This method reduces a lot of your work. If you do not follow it, then it might make keeping things in the kitchen difficult. 

For example, if you are using salt in your Pasta, use it and keep the container back in its own place. This eases the overall cleaning procedure. 

4. Have A Place For Everything In The Kitchen 

You must have a separate place to keep everything in the kitchen. Whatever you consider- the pot, pan, spatula, dishes, and the container (cooking ingredients)you must have a separate place for each one of them. 

Moreover, with no proper place for your cooking stuff, your entire kitchen remains disorganized. Remember, organization is key to restoring the order of a place. 

5. Cover The Food When Using A Microwave 

When you heat your food inside your microwave, always keep it covered. This technique can prevent your microwave from becoming dirty too quickly. You also keep your microwave from becoming dirty too early; it saves you time. You can keep the cleaning stuff for the weekend. 

6. Vacuum Your Kitchen Floor 

Cleaning your kitchen floor is good, but this is a shortcut technique. But to keep your kitchen well maintained, you have to vacuum twice a week or even once a week. Choose Sundays to keep your kitchen clean. Consider it a great way to make it super clean. 

A vacuum cleaner cleans the dirt more effectively than a mopping tool. So keep up the work for the weekend and make a great impression and a fresh start at the beginning of another week. 

7. Regularly Clean Your Kitchen Clothes 

Cleaning the kitchen clothes is another important segment of your kitchen cleaning. Remember, the dirty, damp kitchen clothes are a perfect habitat for the bacteria to breed. 

If you do not keep the clothes clean and maintain them regularly, your kitchen remains filled with dirt, and it’s unhygienic, to say the least. Therefore, you must ensure that you clean the brushes and wash clothes and sponges. 

8. Have A Compost

Do you throw your kitchen stuff right after usage? Why not make them compost out of the west? Keeping a dedicated compost bowl or container is a great way of cleaning and maintaining your kitchen. 

Moreover, composting waste kitchen materials goes hand in hand with green kitchen initiatives. You can use the compost in your kitchen garden to plant flowers and veggies. 


Cleaning the kitchen is a great practice, and you must always take the initiative to clean your kitchen at least every weekend. But if you closely follow the tips, then you can really do it easily on the weekend. Please do not keep things too dirty. Cleaning a heap of dirt does not sound good for your house and your image. 


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