How much dough can be stored in the refrigerator, storage rules

Different types of dough have different terms and storage conditions, which not very experienced housewives do not even know about. Only one thing is known: at a temperature not exceeding room mark, the dough cannot be kept for more than a few hours. Consider the “preferences” regarding the storage of different types of dough.

Types of dough and their storage

For the most part, the dough, intended for the manufacture of various baked goods, is quite even according to, if necessary, stored in the refrigerator. How much dough can you store in the refrigerator?


… for dumplings

how to store yeast dough

Unleavened dough, in which yeast is not added and from which dumplings and dumplings are made, will live in the refrigerator for several days, but in the freezer – almost six months.

… yeast

how much yeast dough is stored in the refrigerator

Perhaps this is the most popular version of the dough, since it is used to make a wide range of pies and rolls. How to store yeast dough? At refrigerator temperature, its shelf life should not exceed two days. If such a dough is frozen, then it will not lose its qualities within two or even three months.

When working with yeast dough, you must remember that it does not like:

  • when it is stored for a long time, in particular longer than the above three months, even in the freezer;
  • when he is forced to be at a temperature exceeding +6 degrees;
  • when it is re-frozen.

The optimal temperature regime for storing this test is characterized by the rule: the lower, the better.

… ginger

is it possible to store yeast dough in the refrigerator

This gingerbread dough should not be stored for more than two days. It is not recommended to freeze it.

… shortbread

is it possible to store yeast dough in the refrigerator

The sand base can remain at room temperature for a maximum of four hours. It is easier to roll it out with a rolling pin if you put it in the refrigerator or even freezer for 20 minutes. In the refrigerator, shortbread dough can be stored for three days, and in the freezer it retains all its qualities for three months. But we must remember that it is strongly not recommended to defrost and freeze it again.

… puff

how much dough is stored in the refrigerator

On the packaging with the ready-made semi-finished product, information on the timing and optimal storage temperature is certainly given. The dough, prepared by the skillful hands of hostesses, can be stored for a month. In the presence of yeast in the composition of such a test, the period is almost halved.

… Biscuit

how to store yeast dough

To store the biscuit dough, it should be placed in some kind of airtight container or bag, tied tightly. This type of dough can be stored in the refrigerator for about a week, and in the freezer for almost six months. Before placing the future biscuit for such a long storage, it is necessary to mark when the mass was made.

… curd

how much yeast dough can be stored in the refrigerator

The dough with the addition of cottage cheese, placed in the refrigerator, must be used within three days. If you want to keep it longer, the way out is in freezing, which will guarantee its preservation from three to six months.

… custard

how much yeast dough is stored in the refrigerator

How long does the dough last in the refrigerator? As for the custard dough, it can be stored for no more than two days in a container with a lid. It is allowed to keep it in the freezer for a month and a half.

… honey

is it possible to store yeast dough in the refrigerator

Honey itself is characterized as an excellent preservative, therefore, the dough for honey confectionery, which does not contain eggs or milk and placed in an airtight container, at 0 degrees can be on the shelf of the refrigeration unit for about two weeks, and when frozen – up to six months.

If the honey confectionery mixture contains eggs, then it should not be kept at the same temperature for more than a day, and at minus – up to two months.

… pancake

how much yeast dough is stored in the refrigerator

Did something prevent you from baking pancakes on time? It doesn’t matter: you can still use the dough during the day. By the way, you can even freeze pancake batter and bake them in a month.

Storage rules in …

… in the refrigerator

how much dough is stored in the refrigerator

Prepare the dough for storage in a refrigeration unit in the following sequence:

  • the dough is kneaded and formed into balls;
  • lubricate the resulting balls from all sides with any vegetable oil;
  • put the workpieces in a clean and dry plastic wrap or bags, by all means making them into their holes to provide the dough with “breathing”;
  • placed in the coldest place. The temperature should be + 1-7 degrees.

… in the freezer

how much yeast dough can be stored in the refrigerator

How well a dough frozen in a freezer will “behave” depends on how well it is packed, how quickly it was artificially cooled, and later thawed. The dough kept in the freezer at about -18 degrees is suitable for cooking even after 90 days.


As already mentioned, it is strongly not recommended to re-freeze dough supplies. Therefore, forming blanks for freezing, the finished dough is divided into several parts of such a size that can be used one-time.

… room temperature

how much yeast dough is stored

The finished dough without further steps for its preparation without cooling or freezing can be no more than two hours. How does the refrigerator not work? Yeast dough can be saved in this way:

  • the whole lump is divided into several parts and tightly packed in clean plastic bags;
  • a large saucepan is filled with cold water, where the dough is lowered;
  • the product will first sink to the bottom and then float up.

In this way, the dough can be stored for five to six hours. Not ready to take it to work yet? Then the workpiece is taken out, crumpled and lowered into place again – for about the same time.


A ready-made convenience store is sold already frozen and is capable of being forcibly defrosted while you bring it home. Usually, such a dough is recommended to be used within a period not exceeding nine hours. There is no need to experiment by placing it in the refrigerator for longer: remember that once thawed, the mass cannot be frozen again. Therefore, bake something planned out of it as soon as possible.

Has it deteriorated or not? How to find out

how to store yeast dough

Suppose they put the dough in storage in a cold place, and when they did it, they did not mark it and simply forgot. What if it got spoiled? How to determine? There are several clear signs:

  • the dough has a sour smell or smells strongly of yeast;
  • it is sticky to the touch;
  • covered with some kind of bloom or mold on top;
  • acquired an unusual texture.

Already one of these “symptoms” is enough to understand everything about the unsuitability of the product.

Defrosting correctly

how much dough can be stored in the refrigerator

No matter how long the dough is kept in the cold, the time will come to use it. How to prepare the masses for this process?

  • From the freezer, the dough is transferred to the refrigerator for thawing.
  • After mixing, arrange in a warm place.
  • When it grows up, you can use it for cooking.

The following methods are also suitable:

  • The dough, placed in a bag, is dipped in a vessel with warm water. The liquid will begin to cool – it is changed. How much defrosting will take in time depends on the size of the workpiece.
  • The product is placed on a stove or radiator battery and turned from time to time.
  • The dough is defrosted in small portions in the microwave on the appropriate setting.


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