how long do smoothies last

How long do smoothies last? It depends on how and where you store the smoothies. Usually, the smoothie will remain fresh and last long for 1-2 days when you store the smoothie in the refrigerator. For keeping the smoothie in the refrigerator, it requires a clean container such as a mason jar. On the other hand, if you store the smoothie in the freezer, it will long last for up to three months.

If you make a large quantity of smoothies, then you can save the remaining smoothie for the next day. The smoothie will remain fresh for the next day. Its taste is always delicious. The storing in the fridge and freezer allows you to enjoy its taste whenever you are busy.

How Long Do Smoothies Last

Smoothies Last Longer in the Fridge

Generally, they last for more than 24 hours in the fridge. If you want to enhance the freshness of the smoothie for a long time, then you should take some proper measurements. When you store the smoothie in the fridge, then must use an airtight container. Many of the mason jars have airtight lids. The glass mason jars with an airtight lid are the best option to keep the smoothie fresh for a long time. 

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The purpose of an airtight container is to prevent smoothies from oxidizing. When the container is not airtight, then the smoothie gets oxidize and it changes into brown color. That smoothie is not best for drinking. One more thing I will say that the banana smoothie is not suitable for remains fresh after one day also.

How Long Do Smoothies Last

Smoothies Last longer in the Freezer

As compared to the fridge, if you keep smoothies in the freezer, then it will more last longer. If you want to drink a healthy smoothie every day but you have a busy routine, then you can store a large amount of smoothies in the freezer. The smoothies will remain fresh for up to three months. For this, you can use a freezer-safe Mason jar. When you fill the Mason jar with the smoothie, leave a little bit of area at the upper part of the container before freezing. 

Make Smoothies Last Longer

If you store your smoothies in a freezer or a fridge, there is a method to enhance the freshness of the smoothie for more time. You should add lemon or lime juice to the smoothie. It prevents the smoothies from oxidizing. In this way, they remain fresh.

Make Smoothie The Night Before

Yes, you can make smoothies at night and can easily drink in the morning. If you have no much time in the morning for breakfast, then prepare your smoothie at the last night. 

Frozen smoothies

Smoothies with bananas

Many smoothies are made with bananas, and bananas break down faster than almost any other food. In one day, cut bananas can turn brown and soften, and if your smoothie contains a lot of bananas, you may notice a change in color and texture. Bananas become sweeter when they are brown, so this is not necessarily a problem. You can drink a smoothie with brown bananas.

Other fruits

Other fruits and ingredients that are sometimes included in smoothies can be stored for several days in an airtight container in the refrigerator. There is a bit of air inside most airtight containers, so for best results, place a piece of plastic wrap directly over the smoothie. Of course, if you make smoothies as a way to use fruit that is already softened, your smoothie won’t keep for as long.

The limit

In most cases, you can drink a shake that has been in the refrigerator for two days, although the texture and taste could have been significantly affected. Of course, if there is mold or any unusual strong odor, it is too late.


Luckily, they remain fresh with full of taste after 1-2 days in the fridge and up to 3 months in the freezer. But if you add lemon juice to the smoothies, then they will more last longer. Before drink any stored smoothies, make sure that the smoothie is fresh. 

Smoothies with frozen ingredients are the most difficult to store, as ice or frozen fruits melt quickly (even in the refrigerator), changing their texture and diluting the smoothie in an hour or less.¬†Regardless, if you don’t mind the change in flavor, there is no reason not to drink a melted smoothie.

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