How long can you keep a banana smoothie in the fridge


Every lifespan of a smoothie is different from others. In this case of banana smoothie, its long-lasting life is comparatively lower than others. However, if you will keep the banana smoothie in the fridge, the smoothie will remain long-lasting for more time. But there is also the lifespan of the banana smoothies in the fridge. Normally, a banana smoothie has a shelf life of one day. After one day, the appearance of banana smoothies will start to change.

How Long Can You Keep A Banana Smoothie In The Fridge

Prevent oxidization process to keep banana smoothie fresh

The oxidization process will reduce the freshness of the banana smoothie. When the air combines with a smoothie, then the oxidization starts. The oxidization will decrease the nutrients from the smoothie. But, it will not lose all of its nutrients. It is crucial to use the below method of storing the smoothie in the container.

Banana smoothie long last in the fridge

Normally, a banana smoothie remains long lasts for more than 24 hours. The smoothie remains fresh for drinking for one day. Over time, some nutrients of the smoothie will start to diminish. But, still, a smoothie is healthier and full of nutrition. You can enhance the lifespan of the smoothie with the use of the below-mentioned method. With this method, the freshness of the banana smoothie remains excellent.

Method to store the banana smoothie in the fridge

The proper storing of banana smoothies is necessary for long-lasting freshness. When you store the smoothie very well, you will enjoy the great taste of it after one or two days. Following are the major steps for the storage of banana smoothies. We hope that these steps are helpful for you to ensure the maximum lifespan of banana smoothies in the fridge.

1. The first step involves making a large batch of banana smoothies to save it in the fridge for later use. In this way, you have the best option of immediate drinking of healthy drink anytime.

2. The second step comprises of store banana juice in the glass container. This glass container should come with an airtight lid. The purpose of an airtight lid is to stop the entry of air into the container. In this way, you will prevent the process of oxidization. Thus, the smoothie will remain fresh in the fridge.

How Long Can You Keep A Banana Smoothie In The Fridge

3. The third step is the filling of the container. You have to fill the container and prevent the space for the air. When you fill the container to the top with a smoothie, there is less air present. If more air is present in the container, then the process of oxidization starts. By this process, the air oxidizes nutrients in the smoothie. The oxidization process degrades nutrients that make the smoothie less nutritious. In this way, the durability of the banana smoothie also decreases.

4. The fourth step is the sealing of the container. When you fill the container, seal it tightly. After that, place the container in the fridge. The high-quality containers & lids are free from BPA plastic. Hence, such sort containers are safe for health.

5. The last step is more adding vitamin C to the smoothie. The more addition of vitamin C will reduce the chances of oxidization. As a result, the banana smoothie will remain good in the fridge.

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Avoid Mistakes to increase the lifespan of banana smoothie in the fridge

Numerous common mistakes decrease the lifespan of the banana smoothie. If you avoid such mistakes, the banana smoothie will remain fresh in the fridge. Here, you will know about such mistakes. Following are the most common mistakes that reduce the shelf life of smoothies.

1. The first important thing is the proper storing of the smoothie. But many people ignore it. They do not use proper techniques for storing banana smoothies. Thereby, they face issues with their smoothie. In this case, the chances of spoilage of smoothie become more.

2. Never make the banana smoothie with too many bananas. As you know, banana is full of healthy nutrients and also full of high calories. When you make a smoothie with too many bananas, the resulting smoothie is high in calories. This sort of smoothies will destroy swiftly after the making of it. Subsequently, this smoothie is bad for the health. The reasons behind it are that the smoothie contains numerous extra calories.

3. You have to give proper time for the blending. If you do not blend properly, the resulting smoothie will not smoothly make. And hence the smoothie has a short lifespan in the fridge. There is no short way of making smoothies. Never become too lazy during the making of the smoothies. You have to blend smoothies very well to get a nutritious & long-lasting drink.

4. Never add the fruit juice in the making of the smoothie. Fruit juice has lesser nutrients than real fruits. It is a mixture of water & sugar. You can use water or any healthy liquid in your smoothie instead of fruit juice. The fruit juice reduces the durability of the smoothie. So, it is good not to use fruit juice in a banana smoothie.

5. The last mistake you should avoid is never adding a large amount of sweetener to the smoothie. The adding of much sweetener in the smoothie will reduce the long-lasting freshness of it. Even the sweeteners are harmful to the health of the human body. Significantly, try to use fewer sweeteners that make your smoothie tasty. You have to choose the sweetener carefully, including honey or coconut sugar. Your priority must be making of healthier banana smoothie with long-lasting freshness.

Bottom line

Generally, it is necessary to keep the banana smoothie inside the fridge if you want to drink it later. The smoothie remains great for drinking within 24 hours in the fridge. However, the proper storage of the banana smoothie is essential. If you store it properly, you will efficiently increase its shelf life. Besides, there are some mistakes that you should avoid to increase the durability of the smoothie in the fridge. 

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