Hand Mixer: Rating Of The Best Kitchen Mixers With Attachments

Mixer: rating of the best, what a manual kitchen looks like, a good mechanical one for the kitchen, types and purpose of the nozzle

The market of mechanical and electronic helpers for the kitchen makes life much easier for any housewife and offers a wide range of different tools. Among the most useful appliances for the home and kitchen, a seemingly familiar mixer stands out, which can perform not only a purely classical whipping function but also many other useful options. To choose the right mixer, you need to know the principle of its operation, purpose and, of course, the best representatives of this line of kitchen appliances.

The principle of operation and the device of the mixer

The direct purpose of this unit is to speed up the cooking process, namely, whipping or mixing various products (most often liquid or loose, for solid products such a unit is not very suitable, since it uses a whisk, not sharp blades). The presence of a powerful enough engine allows you to quickly whip the products and bring them to the desired consistency.

with the help of such a device, you can greatly facilitate various work in the kitchen

With the help of such a device, you can greatly facilitate various work in the kitchen.

A typical representative of this type of kitchen equipment is:

a case made of hard plastic or, in some cases (most often this refers to products from a high price category), stainless steel. The body is made in the form of a cone, to the base of which the beaters are fixed for beating and the working part on which the beaters are fixed. Inside the case, which can be of various sizes (from compact to large enough, taking up a lot of space in any kitchen), there is a small motor that drives the working part (the power of the product is the most important indicator when purchasing and can vary in different ranges), as well as electronics, which is responsible for operating in various modes, a set of fuses that will protect the device from failure in the event of a power surge. On the body itself (as usual in the upper part) there is a control unit. This block is a set of keys/buttons that are responsible not only for the correct operation of the device, that is, switching on and off but also for the operation of various modes, such as intensity, speed, and others, depending on the functional set of the device. Also, in most cases, the mixer body is covered with a layer of thin rubber for ease of use (since during whipping, the mixer has to be held in your hands and physical force is applied, which can get tired depending on the duration of work, and the body can slip out of your hands during prolonged cooking);The more powerful the motor in the mixer, the more revolutions it is able to deliver

The more powerful the motor in the mixer, the more revolutions it is able to deliver

the second part is a whisk attachment for whipping food. Most often, this part is removed after cooking and is only used before cooking. Therefore, when whipping food, you can use various attachments, both with the use of one large whisk, and several small ones, depending on the peculiarities of cooking. This system allows more flexible use of the unit for cooking. These whisks are made, as a rule, of stainless steel, since when in contact with food, ordinary steel is highly corroded. Also, when choosing such a mixer, you need to pay attention to the length and number of nozzles. The longer the attachments, the deeper the pan the mixer can be used.

The principle of operation of such a device is as follows:

most hand mixers are powered from a standard 220V electrical network (only a few models have built-in batteries, which, however, cannot provide a continuous operation of the device for more than 40-50 minutes, and also have a correspondingly greater weight, which leads to overwork of a person when cooking food for a long time);mixer with battery

However, one should not forget that with intensive work, the battery will drain very quickly.

After turning on the power supply, it is necessary to lower the mixer into the dish with the whisk down and select the intensity mode, the speed of the whisk movement or another additional function and turn on the mixer . The motor drives the whisk and, accordingly, the food is whipped in a bowl. After using the dishes, the whisk must be rinsed under running water and wiped dry (although most models have a stainless base, additional care will extend the service life of the product).

Choosing the right mixer

Today the mixer market is quite diverse. The overwhelming majority of well-known manufacturers of household appliances produce this type of kitchen utensil, thanks to which the consumer always has something to choose from. In order to make the best choice and purchase a quality product, you need to pay attention to the following parameters in addition to the manufacturer itself and the cost:

device power… Hand mixers are distinguished by their low power compared to their stationary or planetary competitors, which, depending on the model, is 200-550 watts. Accordingly, the higher this indicator, the more intensively the mixer can whisk (while the power consumption also increases, albeit insignificantly, since this electrical appliance falls into the low-consuming class). So the minimum power will not allow you to effectively quickly whip bulk products, although such products are correspondingly cheaper. When choosing a mixer, you should also take into account, in addition to the engine, what kind of production it is, engines of German and Korean manufacturers are considered the best models, most breakdowns are found in Chinese products (although the current trend shows a significant reduction in marriage and defect among them). But how powerful the gastrorag w211 cocktail mixer is and how to use it, you can read here.the more powerful you choose the device, the faster it will be able to prepare the necessary ingredientsThe more powerful you select the device, the faster it will be able to prepare the required ingredients.

ergonomics and comfort of the case. The mixer body can be made both in a conical shape and in the shape of a rectangle. In this case, the choice depends on preferences, compact cone-shaped units are lighter in weight, but have less power, while rectangular classic hand mixers do not take up much space in the kitchen. Also, if the handle body is rubberized, this also gives additional convenience when whipping food, so when choosing, you should pay no less attention to this indicator.

a number of attachments and additional functions. The convenience of cooking in the future directly depends on the number of nozzles, since the depth of the dishes used for whipping depends on the length of the whisk. As a rule, in most cases, the manufacturer installs two whisks on each nozzle, which move during operation and intersect and allow the products to be whipped faster.nozzles are most often made of durable steel

nozzles are most often made of durable steel, which will extend the service life

This type of mixer has both certain advantages and disadvantages compared to its competitors of a different design. The advantages of the model include:

  • low cost relative to other competitors . Such mixers are the simplest in design and, accordingly, cost an order of magnitude cheaper than their counterparts on the market. They also do quite well with their intended purpose in the absence of unnecessary functionality. The average cost of such a mixer is about 2,000 rubles, the upper price bar is located at around 4-5 thousand rubles;
  • light weight relative to stationary models . Although this parameter is both an advantage and a disadvantage, since during operation the device must be constantly kept on weight, which can cause slight difficulties and overwork;
  • ease of maintenance of the mixer . Since there is no need to rinse the bowl after work, and it is enough just to rinse the whisk, caring for such devices is not a big deal.

Disadvantages when using

The disadvantages of these models include:

  • low power relative to competitors . Due to its size and design, this type does not have impressive engine characteristics, therefore, for example, preparing a dough can take a lot of time and physical costs. The most powerful models are at the level of average stationary type products and cannot in any way be compared with professional mixers in terms of power indicators;
  • quite a lot of noise during operation. This drawback is again associated with the design of the case, thin plastic does not effectively isolate engine noise, which can create acoustic discomfort;
  • single-tasking. This type, in principle, due to its power, is not capable of performing functions other than whipping products. Best of all, they cope with liquid food; for whipping bulk products, you need to choose powerful enough mixers.

Rating of the best mixer manufacturers

Most brands of kitchen appliances have their own line of their own mixers. The best manufacturers include:

Redmond is a renowned manufacturer of household and kitchen appliances. Has a fairly extensive line of hand mixers. Products are made from Chinese components, as a result of which there are cases of failure before the expiration of the warranty period (the manufacturer, like most, gives a 1 year warranty). However, despite the cases of refusal, the products occupy a rather extensive niche in the market due to their low cost.

handheld kitchen mixer Redmond

Although the company producing this kitchen equipment is well-known and well-known to everyone, it is worth choosing this type with caution, it may not be durable

BOSCH is a German manufacturer of household appliances. Produces high-quality and fairly expensive equipment, including hand mixers. The manufacturer gives a firm 1-year warranty and failure rates are quite rare. The mixers are of high quality, long service life and well thought out engineering solutions. The cost of such mixers ranges from 2 to 4 thousand rubles. But what is the difference between a mixer and a blender and what is better for us, this information will help us to understand.

hand mixer BOSCH

A well-known brand that has earned popularity for a long time can serve throughout life until you get bored

Gemlux is a Chinese home appliance manufacturer. Relatively recently, he began climbing the mass domestic market. The manufacturer’s products are of fairly good quality (quality control at the enterprise is quite strict) and have an acceptable cost in the presence of good characteristics. The cost of mixers from this manufacturer varies up to 3 thousand rubles. But how to choose a mixer for the kitchen and what parameters should be used to select it. This information will help you understand.hand held kitchen mixer Gemlux

Sufficiently high-quality equipment of a well-known brand. which can be used not only at home but also professionally

Philips is a well-known multi-brand that produces a wide range of various household products. It occupies one of the leading places and enjoys well-deserved popularity among consumers, thanks to a good combination of quality and relatively low cost. In addition, it has a fairly wide range of models, which allows the consumer to choose the option they like based on cost and preferences. The average cost of a product in this case is about 2.5 thousand rubles.handheld kitchen mixer Philips

The engine of this device has high power with high performance.

Kitchenaid is one of the leaders in the kitchen mixer industry. The company is a leader in the manufacture of mixers of all designs. The products are of good quality, have high reliability of components and a long service life (the manufacturer guarantees a service life of at least a year). The cost of products is about 3 thousand rubles for this class of devices;hand held kitchen mixer Kitchenaid

The manufacturer offers a huge range of different mixers, while the service life can reach up to 10 years.

Kenwood is a low-cost foreign manufacturer of household appliances. Quite budget components are often used in mass production, although the declared characteristics are quite large. It is in relatively high demand among buyers, although it is not an absolute market in this segment. The cost of the product is about 1.5-2 thousand rubles;handheld kitchen mixer Kenwood

Well-known manufacturer. which offers powerful mixers with a wide range of attachments for different cooking preferences

Endever is a well-known manufacturer of products for home and kitchen. It is characterized by fairly stable quality, although it is not widely popular in the kitchen accessories market. The average cost of production will be about 2 thousand rubles.handheld kitchen mixer Endever

An engine that is not very powerful will most likely not be able to cope with a large volume of fluids.


  • Semyon, 29 years old: “I bought a mixer as a present for my wife 1.5 years ago. I decided that it was time to make some useful gift in the kitchen. She loves whipping food when cooking, but she used to use a blender for this. He coped with the task, but it was also connected with difficulties. Now with a mixer, according to her, cooking has become a little easier. A good mixer didn’t cost me that much. I bought BOSCH for only 3 thousand, I trusted a well-known brand and I think I was right. There is enough power for cooking, the mixer works and does not break, and more is not required from it. I’m happy with everything. “
  • Alena 22 years old:“I love, and probably every housewife has it, when in the kitchen there is a separate tool for each stage of cooking. This saves both time and effort. For whipping, but I use it when cooking quite often I decided to buy myself a mixer. The choice fell on the inexpensive Chinese Gemlux, decided not to overpay for the brand and brand, because I think that the mixer is not such a complicated unit to overpay for, and after failure when the warranty expires, you can just buy a new one, and not run for services with an expensive toy. It performs its function perfectly. I know that its power is not high and that eminent brands offer more powerful options, but it is not difficult for me to stand an additional 1.5-2 minutes in the kitchen and wait for the result, it does not oppress me in any way, so I am completely satisfied with my choice. “


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