Feng Shui cuisine: rules for location on the cardinal points

Feng Shui kitchen – rules for location on the cardinal points: how to fix the situation and what should be on the kitchen table, color according to Vastu

The kitchen is the heart of the house, the Chinese generally believe that it is the kitchen that is an indicator of well-being and prosperity, and they pay a lot of attention to its decoration. It is here that the whole family gathers, and often the most pressing problems are discussed and the most responsible decisions are made. That’s why it’s so important to set it upright. One of these design options is the creation of decoration according to the rules of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui: the pursuit of harmony and purity in everything

Speaking of Feng Shui, you need to understand that this is a very complex philosophical doctrine that has many schools and trends, so we will only talk about the basic well-known rules for decorating the interior in compliance with some of the traditions characteristic of this philosophy, with one goal – to create an atmosphere that is comfortable for the hostess, families, guests.

Location of the room: which side should the kitchen be on

  • In the traditions of Feng Shui, you should not place the kitchen in the middle of the house (this provokes family conflicts), it is ideal to arrange it in the farthest room.
  • In no case should her door be opposite the door to where water is constantly pouring: bathroom, toilet. Then prosperity and good luck will be washed away with water.
  • When the project can no longer be changed, it is worth trying to mitigate the unwanted impact by placing wind chimes or a small mineral above the door.
  • The option will also be unsuccessful when the door to the kitchen is opposite the entrance to the house. There is a double danger here: the good will be blown out by the wind, and all the negative energy will rush into the kitchen: it can get into food and cause illness in the owners, first of all, indigestion.
  • In addition, this will attract a large number of uninvited guests who will have to be fed. To avoid this, you need to hang curtains on the front door, and put a large plant in a tub near the kitchen or any decorative element that will take away most of the bad energy.

The kitchen must have a window, the view from which delivers positive emotions, but if the corner of a neighboring house or a triangular roof is visible, then you need to hang a reflective sticker in the shape of the Bagua symbol (the influence of the five elements on the cardinal points) on the window to reflect dark energy.


Feng Shui kitchen rules

Northern cuisine is the element of water. There is an aquarium here.

Kitchens located in the north are not a very good option, but they are the calmest, devoid of emotions in cooking. The element of the north is Water, here you need to be very attentive to the condition of the plumbing, and such an arrangement can even make digestion difficult. How to choose a color for the kitchen on the north side, read this article.

The northwest orientation is also unfortunate. A much better location is the northeast, the food here is prepared tasty and of high quality.


The eastern and southeastern sides are quite favorable – their symbol is the Tree. The kitchen in the southeast has an element of creativity in cooking.


Cooking in such a kitchen brings satisfaction and pleasure, provokes bouts of fun, but often it is simply impossible to concentrate here.


The orientation of the kitchen to the south is ideal. According to Chinese philosophy, the south is the element of Fire. But such an arrangement stimulates the appetite, which is not always good, especially for those who decide to lose weight.

Feng Shui design

Basic design rules:

  • ideally, if the furniture and equipment are arranged according to the triangle principle;
  • sharp corners and sharp objects in plain sight should be avoided;
  • everything present in the kitchen must be constantly used, otherwise the positive energy of Qi will accumulate in the location of unnecessary things;
  • you can’t leave the old, unused and broken – such things absorb the dark energy of Sha, which provokes scandals and troubles;
  • you can not use the colors of feng shui and symbols of the opposite verse in the zones (for example, it is impossible for objects symbolizing the sun to be on the north side);
  • it is impossible for people to crowd in the kitchen;
  • there should be a lot of free space so that nothing interferes with the circulation of positive Qi energy;
  • the kitchen must certainly have the correct shape with right angles, otherwise negative energy will accumulate in sharp corners, creating negative zones there that carry diseases and even death;
  • all dishes must be put away in the cupboard;
  • it is worth organizing maximum lighting (dark corners concentrate Sha energy) and active ventilation, it just disperses all dark energy;
  • do not divide the kitchen into zones, using different levels of floors, all kinds of ledges and ceiling beams.

Tiles and furniture coatings should not have a reflective effect, because then they will refract the reflection of a person, which will negatively affect his health, or even “break” his life.


Feng Shui kitchen rules

Proper arrangement of furniture in the kitchen is one of the basic rules of feng shui.

  • All furniture should be functional and constantly involved.
  • There should not be old furniture with an unknown history, it can carry stagnant negative energy.
  • For such a kitchen, it is better to buy furniture with rounded corners.
  • Cabinets should be located so that the person who cooks can see the entire kitchen, while it is important that he does not need to turn his head more than 45 degrees, and ideally should not have his back to the door.
  • It is ideal that the cabinets, the work surface are installed in the middle of the kitchen, then the chef can take any convenient position.
  • It is more harmonious to place wooden furniture between the sink, refrigerator and stove, dividing the zones of Water and Fire, based on the Chinese saying: “Water creates wood, and wood creates fire.”
  • Do not hang open shelves.
  • The table should not direct sharp corners to the stove, it is better if it is round, oval or octagonal, reminiscent of Bouha.
  • There should be nothing on the countertop if the kitchen is not currently cooking.
  • Chairs, armchairs, a sofa (stools are not welcome here) must be placed so that the back of the person sitting is not in a draft in front of the door, otherwise the person will fall under the influence of Qi energy.

A certain place should be assigned to each member of the family, so that while eating, a person looks in the usual favorable direction, and the Gua number (personal number of each) helps him.



All pipes should be safely removed, or they will fill the room with negative Sha energy. Ideally, the three main items, refrigerator, stove, sink, will be located in three corners.


The most important item in a feng shui kitchen is the stove. It symbolizes success and prosperity. It contains the element of fire. The principles of its installation are as follows:

  • in no case should the stove stand by the window,

    because once you open the window, luck can fly out into the street, if you cannot move the stove, then you need to attach a reflective sticker to the window;
  • ideally, if the stove can be installed against the south wall, the south is the refuge of such elements as Fire. But he must be pacified by placing a ceramic vase with charcoal next to the stove;
  • if this is not possible, then simply put the stove against the inner wall of the house;
  • it cannot be placed next to the sink and refrigerator: Water is the enemy of Fire.
  • if, nevertheless, they are nearby, then it is better to establish a division from the Tree: boards, decorative elements, tiles; it would be better to use green or brown colors;
  • it is better to cook on a stove with an open fire, avoiding microwaves, ovens and electric stoves.
  • the number of burners is also important – the more, the better, if only one or two, you need to place a mirror near the stove so that there are visually more of them;
  • all burners, even those that are not constantly used, must be turned on periodically;
  • the plate should not be under the ceiling beam.

It is good to hang photographs of relatives, including the deceased, on the wall, so they are symbolically invited to the table and thanked for everything.


A home refrigerator cannot be placed on the south side of the kitchen, because its element is water. Products will spoil quickly. It is useful to install a mirror in the refrigerator – and it will always be full. How to choose a hob for the kitchen and oven, read this link.


It should always sparkle with cleanliness, you should never accumulate dirty dishes here, allow the formation of blockages, rust spots, and grease deposits. The faucet must be correct. Water – according to Feng Shui, is responsible for wealth, the accumulation of money, and if the tap flows, then all income is washed down the drain. It is better to buy a stainless steel sink. Metal is a strong element, it will destroy negative information and help Water get rid of it by flushing everything down the pipe. It is a good idea to surround the sink with houseplants so that the energy of the Tree harmoniously combines the energy of Water and Fire around it.

electrical appliances

They all stimulate the activity of positive energy, so it is good to place small appliances throughout the kitchen. The equipment can’t stand dead weight. If there is an appliance in the kitchen, it must be used.

Flowers, paintings, a mirror in which area to place

In the kitchen, you need to carefully place mirrors, only in certain places, otherwise, everyone who eats here will be constantly reflected, and soon the hostess will notice that she has to constantly stand at the stove, and the kitchen will turn into a passage yard. Mirrors should be at the stove and the dining table. Moreover, it is hung over the table so that food is reflected in it.

There should be a lot of ceramics – this is the element of the Earth, it will enhance the positive influence of the power of Water and Wood, which dominate the kitchen.

Fruits should always be in a vase on the table, it is better if there are nine of them, it is this number that means strength; after eating one fruit, immediately put another.

Be sure to hang bunches of onions, peppers, garlic, and artificial ones, they symbolize a bountiful harvest and all sorts of well-being.

Feng Shui kitchen rules

Flowers in the kitchen symbolize the growth of prosperity

There should be flowers in the kitchen, in pots and bouquets, but live, dry flowers are always associated with death in Feng Shui.

Everything in the cabinets is laid out according to the principle “like to like”.

Before you hang a picture, you need to decide what is important now: to lose weight, eat as little as possible, or vice versa, awaken your appetite: In the first case, you should hang some kind of landscape, an image of a bouquet, in the second case, still lifes depicting appetizing food are best, juicy fruits and vegetables. Images can also be small items, such as potholders. Read more about decorating kitchen walls here.

In the kitchen, as in any other room, if there is space, you can install an aquarium, this is the unity of all the elements – Earth (soil), Water (understandable), Fire (color of fish), Wood (snag), Metal (the frame of the aquarium itself). It should be placed in the southeast sector of the kitchen, away from the door. It must match the size of the room. Do not put a large aquarium in a small room.

Proper cuisine, what and where should be

  • The kitchen is square in shape with a window facing east. Lilac bushes and a round gazebo on the site are visible from it.
  • In the corner adjacent to the south side, there is a stove.
  • On a wooden side table with ceramic tiles, there is a large earthenware jug with decorative branches, several pieces of coal are lowered to the bottom.
  • Next are two fully closed cabinets with dishes arranged on shelves: cups to cups, plates with plates, cutlery separately.
  • In the corner there is a refrigerator, to the door of which is attached a magnet with the image of a Chinese coin.
  • Wind music hangs above the door, the door is always closed.
  • To the side is a long low sideboard with tea and coffee sets and a table on which a microwave and a toaster are located.
  • Next comes the sink in the corner.
  • In the middle is a round, glass table with chairs.
  • On the wall is a proper still life and old black-and-white photographs.
  • There are pots with indoor flowers on the window and stand near it.
  • The kitchen is lit by a large lamp with a lampshade adorned with a ribbon on which minerals are attached, and a lamp by the stove.

Wealth Zone

In Feng Shui, each zone is capable of changing something, you just need to learn how to use it.

The wealth zone is located in the southeast. It can be activated by placing objects there that attract Chi energy:

  • well-groomed healthy plants, preferably a fat woman – a money tree, but in no case a cactus and not dry flowers;
  • vases with juicy fruits;
  • expensive items;
  • it is here that an aquarium should be placed, and it is better if there are nine fish;
  • compositions with coins;
  • crystals;
  • beautifully framed and hung on the wall statements such as: “I am a rich and lucky person”, “My life is filled with positive energy, happiness and wealth”;
  • there should not be old, bulky, unnecessary things.

Such a zone can be a refrigerator, on which you can hang magnets with basic symbols, put a few coins inside, better than Chinese ones, tied with a red ribbon. And there will always be money for food.

Having created a Feng Shui interior in the kitchen, do not forget that the most important rule is absolute order and cleanliness. Disorder in life can be the result of the disorder, and let it always be in the kitchen:

  • windows washed to a shine;
  • the floor is absolutely clean, washed daily;
  • not a speck of dust on the leaves of plants, they always look fresh;
  • there is no garbage, it is taken out immediately;
  • faucets don’t leak
  • the dishes are washed immediately, even the cups are not forgotten in the sink;
  • the stove and table are always perfectly clean;
  • there are no spoiled products and incomprehensible food leftovers in the refrigerator;
  • in the cabinets everything is laid out in its place;
  • the food is prepared by an absolutely healthy person in a good mood;

A dishwasher will be a good help in the kitchen. How to choose a dishwasher for your home, read this article.

The kitchen and its design must be treated with love, and then harmony, order, and favorable Feng Shui will reign in it. And to arrange everything correctly and by the rules, you can use the online creation service, where you can simulate the optimal space. See also information on how to calculate the size of an island.


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