Everything is at hand in the kitchen: shelves for spices, dishes, utensils

Regardless of whether you prefer creative chaos in your kitchen or you like perfect order, spice storage should be convenient and practical. Spice shelves are an excellent interior solution. These little attributes can be the highlight of your kitchen, your own designer find.

Arrangement of a comfortable workplace

spice shelves in the kitchen

A comfortable working area makes working in the kitchen much easier

Everything in the kitchen should be at hand . This significantly reduces the cost of effort and time. It is necessary to think over the comfort and functionality of the workplace in advance. To do this, you just need to follow the rules:

  • Design the kitchen work area for the person who will cook on it most often.
  • The place should be organized as simply as possible.
  • All attributes and auxiliary items should be nearby. They fit well in cabinets and cabinets at arm’s length, especially if there are no upper drawers. You can put knives and spoons, a spatula, a whisk and a garlic there.

It’s a bad idea to try to fit a lot of different accessories into a small space. They will distract attention.

Open shelves, lockers: types

Conventionally, all open shelves are divided into several types.

Hinged seasoning shelves

Hanging shelves will perfectly fit into any free vertical space of modular kitchens. They can be used for completely different purposes. They are suitable for storing recipe pads, books and magazines. On open shelves, you can put spice sets, jars of cereals or pretty cups, a TV or a microwave oven. Depending on their purpose, it is possible to adjust the depth and height of the structure in combination with plastic facades.

Cabinets with open shelves for convenience are located within walking distance from the kitchen work area. Items that are constantly used in the cooking process are stored here. The most common use for this cabinet is to dry dishes or to use a homemade recipe book.

High shelving

spice shelves in the kitchen

High shelves allow you to place a lot of utensils, besides, everything is in sight

A distinctive feature of this type of open shelves is their good spaciousness. Usually used as an extreme kitchen unit in cheap kitchens. Such a rack can divide the space into several zones; you can turn it towards the living room or kitchen.

Bedside tables with open shelves

Open shelves on floor tables are interesting storage ideas, they provide easy access to the products, seasonings that are located in them. Usually dishes, pans, baskets are stored on these shelves. You can use them according to your own preferences.

Separate island

With the open side, such structures are facing the living room. Cookbooks and beautiful dishes, decorative candles and framed photographs may well coexist here.

Over the sink

These elements are always fitted above the sink. They serve as a storage facility for everyday dishes and cutlery. The shelves can be made of tempered glass. In this form, they are combined with the kitchen interior in black and white, gray, beige and lilac tones. Open shelves above the sink made of laminated MDF look good.


Shelves are used for various purposes:

  • Decorative part of the interior . The most common option. But this is understandable, because the appearance of the room affects the mood of everyone who is in it.
  • Rational element . In this case, with the help of the shelves, all the free space in the kitchen is used to the maximum.
  • Part of the construction . It is rare, but it happens that the spice rack is at the same time the support of the wall cabinet. It can be used to ergonomically fill the gap between the wall and the side of the cabinet.

An example of the design of a shelf on the whole wall.

Where to mount on which kitchen wall

  • The wall on which the open shelves will be mounted should not draw attention to itself. Do not install shelves near bright surfaces with a rich pattern.
  • Do not install shelves above the stove during planning, otherwise there is a risk of food particles, fat and steam getting on them.
  • Small shelves can be installed above the dining table.
  • Several shelves on top of each other – this is a combined module of railing holders. One shelf can be used for cute accessories, and the rest can be used for the necessary little things.

If graceful mugs, bright plates, original teapots and pots are stored on the shelf, then it is better to fix it against a beige or gray wall. The snow-white elements of the sets contrast beautifully with the dark background. The wall can be chocolate or light brown.

DIY spice shelves

Spice shelves can be made independently and decorated using decoupage technique. This is done quickly and easily. Of the tools, you only need an electric jigsaw, a drill, a grinder and a screwdriver. You also need to purchase several wooden boards made of pine or spruce, a set of screws and enamel to cover the final product. The thickness of the boards is a maximum of 3 cm. A shelf measuring 50 * 50 cm is made of five bars 50 cm long. Three of them are the shelves themselves, and two are the side walls.

Side elements can be executed in an interesting style: drawing, ornament, carving. You can come up with your own or spy on the options on the Internet. The boards for the shelves should be even so that the spices stand firmly on them.

Operating procedure:

  • Each of the manufactured elements is sanded with a machine or sandpaper.
  • The assembly is carried out after all the necessary holes are drilled with a drill.
  • The fittings are connected using self-tapping screws and a screwdriver.
  • For reliability, you can use metal construction corners between the perpendicular elements of the shelf.
  • The final product is varnished.

The spice rack is ready. Using experience and imagination, you can make several such attributes for the interior of the kitchen, as well as make family and friends happy.

Other options for the kitchen

  • Pull-out cabinet . It conveniently includes plastic modules made of wood, they can be chosen in various shades and sizes.
  • Pull-out narrow drawer for storing fruits and vegetables like a bar . It has a metal base. The option is practical, compact.
  • Railing system . A convenient way to store spices, they are always at hand. On the railing, you can place not only frequently used spices, but also the elements of the first need: containers with vinegar, oil, cutting boards, ladle, knife.
  • Cabinet doors . Option for both ready-made furniture facades and custom-made products. Craftsmen can independently attach shelves to the inner sides of the headset doors.

It is advisable to purchase cells with handles, since they are easy to get from the very depth of the cabinet.


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