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Our diet has undergone important changes in recent years. If a while ago we did not know anything beyond Mediterranean food, thanks to globalization and the arrival of the Internet, little by little we have been having access in our own cities to typical foods and dishes from other countries, which allow us to taste what knows the world without having to travel. We tell you recipe of dragon fruit banana smoothie.

This not only happens when we go to a restaurant, but in the markets we can find novel and different foods to take home. Thanks to this, we also have more and more access to the benefits of food that we did not know before. 

This is the case of some foods such as kimchi, kombucha, Indian drinks, miso, edamames, and a long, etc. Among these foods that we have been getting to know in recent years, we find dragon fruit or pitahaya.

Dragon fruit: the most exotic of Mexican fruits

Although from the name it may seem that the dragon fruit or pitahaya comes from an Asian country – and, in fact, its consumption is very widespread in China and Vietnam right now – the reality is that it is a fruit of Latin American origin. Mainly from Mexico . 

It is a fruit that is especially striking for its beautiful pink color, its white interior and the interior seeds that are a bit reminiscent of those contained in kiwi. There is another lesser-known variety, whose exterior is yellow in color similar to that of lemon and which is somewhat sweeter in flavor, but equally striking. 

We choose the one we choose, it is a fruit full of properties that will not only help us benefit our health, but will also allow us to prepare very striking dishes with it, such as the increasingly well-known dragon fruit juice. 

Properties and benefits of dragon fruit

In addition to containing a very important amount of water, it offers a very small percentage of carbohydrates and proteins. In fact, what gives us the most are minerals and vitamins in large quantities, since almost everything else is water. 

Among others, we can find potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. It also offers plenty of vitamin C, especially in the red or pink version of the fruit. Its percentage of calories is very low so it is ideal for a diet in which we are trying to lose some weight. 

It is a fruit that has a certain prebiotic effect, in addition to being very useful as an antioxidant food, which will protect us, in part, from the effects of free radicals, thanks to the presence of flavonoids. 

Our intestinal flora will benefit from this fruit thanks to its prebiotic effects, but also thanks to its high fiber content . That is why our digestion will be greatly benefited and it can be of great help when we need to reinforce the intestinal flora a little. 

It is also one of the most hydrating and refreshing fruits that we can find. It is for this reason, among other things, that dragon fruit juice has been acquiring great fame in recent years, but also for its beautiful color and for the many varieties that we can make of it. 

Dragon fruit juice

Although we refer to them as juices, the reality is that the best thing we can do with dragon fruit or pitahaya is to make natural smoothies or smoothies. This means that we will not remove the pulp from the fruit, but we will liquefy it or beat it whole

In this way we will not lose the fiber of it and it will help us to properly metabolize the fructose it contains. This way we will ensure that we do not have a glucose spike and that we take full advantage of the benefits of dragon fruit. 

For this there are different recipes that we can prepare. 

Pitahaya juice

It is a smoothie that contains only dragon fruit. We can make it with water or milk , depending on our preferences. 

  • Ingredients : clean pitahaya and half a cup of water – we can also use the milk we prefer in the same quantities -.
  • Preparation : clean and cut the pitahaya into slices. We introduce it together with the water or milk in a blender or blender and beat until well mixed. 

Dragon fruit juice with banana

  • Ingredients : two dragon fruits, two bananas and some ice to make it cooler.
  • Preparation: as in the previous case, we clean and cut the pitahaya until the meat is extracted.
  • We introduce it into slices or pieces in a blender together with the also chopped banana. 
  • If we want, we add the ice and beat until well mixed. 
  • Serve the Dragon Fruit Juice immediately.
Dragon Fruit Banana Smoothie

Dragon fruit and pear juice

  • Ingredients: two pitahayas, two pears and, if we wish, a little honey, although it is not mandatory. 
  • Preparation: we chop the two fruits and beat them in a blender. If we wish, we can add honey to sweeten it, but I recommend trying it first. 

Pitahaya lemonade

  • Ingredients: four dragon fruits, six lemons, a glass of water and ice. If we want we can add a little sugar. 
  • Preparation: add the fruits with the water in a blender and mix well. Later, we include the ice and, if we want, the sugar and beat again. We can include some mint leaves if we want to give it an even more refreshing flavor. 

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How to choose a dragon fruit?

The fruit is ripe when it is no longer green and its color is uniform. Spots (like on a spotted apple) may indicate an overripe fruit. The rod should not be brittle and dry, but slightly flexible.

On examination, the small leaves which cover the fruit should be bright in color. If the ends have started to turn brown, the fruit is probably overripe.

By exerting a light pressure of the finger on the skin, this one should sink very slightly (as for an avocado). Fruits that are too hard or in which the finger sinks too easily should be avoided.

A slight smell of exotic fruit should be felt on the surface of the fruit.

The flesh can be prepared in fruit salads, juice or sorbets.

How to store dragon fruit?

Like all fruits, the storage is limited, but some basic rules allow you to extend the storage of dragon fruit.

They should be kept intact (uncut, unpeeled), if possible in a paper bag.

They can be kept for several days at room temperature on a countertop until they are perfectly ripe for consumption. When their skin starts to darken slightly, it’s time to put them back in the crisper in the refrigerator.

They can be stored for several weeks (up to 3 months in some cases) in the refrigerator.

The flesh can be frozen for a period of 3 months. Freezing must be done very quickly after cutting the fruit, so that it does not lose its qualities.

Dragon Fruit Banana Smoothie

Dragon Fruit Banana Smoothie

The reality is that the best thing we can do with dragon fruit or pitahaya is to make natural smoothies or smoothies. 
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine European
Servings 4


  • 2 Dragon fruits
  • 2 Bananas 
  • Ice


  • We clean and cut the pitahaya until the meat is extracted.
  • We introduce pitahaya into slices or pieces in a blender together with the also chopped banana.
  • If we want, we add the ice and beat until well mixed. 
  • Serve the Dragon Fruit Juice immediately.
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