Chipboard kitchen worktop: colors and sizes of worktops, marbled chipboard, MDF backsplash, stone-look kitchen worktops

A chipboard countertop is an important detail in the kitchen that performs several functions at once. The work surface is used daily during food preparation. In addition, a spectacular coating is a decorative element that catches the eye.

A high-quality worktop for the kitchen is a guarantee of a good mood for the hostess. There are many requirements for coverage. Chipboard kitchen worktop is a popular option that has many advantages.

What to choose MDF or chipboard? What is the difference?

Often housewives do not know what to give preference to. Both MDF and chipboard are in demand. To answer the question: “Which material is better?”, You need to understand what the panels are made of.


  1. Chipboard – chipboard . Composition: shavings and sawdust impregnated with formaldehyde resins. The components are ground in a special apparatus. Formaldehydes reliably bind small particles, give the material high strength.
  2. MDF – fibreboard. Small wood shavings are crushed with a mixer, the particles are held together by lignin and paraffin. There are practically no formaldehydes harmful to health in MDF.

What is the result? If the question is what to make a kitchen or countertop from, give preference to MDF panels.


  1. MDF boards are considered a more environmentally friendly material.
  2. MDF structure Homogeneous. This feature improves the quality and strength of the material.
  3. The coating has a wider range of colors and shades than chipboard.

There is also a drawback – the cost. MDF always costs more than chipboard. But, the quality of the material, strength, and durability justify the price.

But what about chipboard, you say? After all, many kitchens have just such countertops. Chipboards also have a number of advantages.

countertops for kitchen

The tabletop should harmoniously fit into the interior. Or vice versa create a contrasting accent

If you are somewhat constrained in funds, feel free to choose chipboard. With proper care of the surface, the coating will also last a long time.

High-quality processing of sections will help to minimize the negative impact of formaldehyde resins. All open areas where the structure of the material is visible, close with special strips, tightly fit the connecting seams. Steam and heat will not be able to penetrate inside the plate, the release of formaldehyde will be negligible.

Kitchen worktop as a piece of furniture

The role of coating in the working area is difficult to overestimate. A beautiful worktop, combined with a kitchen set and an apron, complements the image and style of the kitchen.

An interesting option: a countertop, smoothly turning into a bar counter. This technique is often used in the design of high-tech and loft-style kitchens. For tips on designing and choosing a kitchen interior, read this article.

Fashion trend – window sill countertop. The hostess receives a wide, practical, original work area. This option is ideal for small kitchens. Do not neglect the skirting board on the countertop, this is a fairly practical option for maintaining cleanliness.

An untidy coating with stains, knife marks, and worn corners can spoil the impression. Some housewives are mistaken, believing that the countertop should be practical, and the appearance is not so important.

There are no trifles in the decor! Blue furniture and a black countertop will turn the kitchen into a dull, gloomy room. The color of the coating is no less important than the quality of the product. Consider this nuance when choosing this important piece of furniture.

FSP kitchen worktop

When choosing a color, you should take into account the color of the kitchen set, so as not to make a dull place out of the kitchen.

Cover all base cabinets and cabinets with a one-piece worktop of a suitable length. This option is much better than a kitchen set made up of separate parts. A chipboard tabletop without seams is much more practical, more comfortable and looks better.


Full information about the advantages and disadvantages of a particular coverage is a prerequisite for an informed choice. Based on the characteristics of chipboard countertops, you will understand why many housewives prefer this particular material.


Chipboard is a popular material with a number of advantages. The coating is stable:

  1. to mechanical damage.
  2. To the effects of coffee, tea, juices, etc.
  3. Thermal loads.

Chipboard tabletop:

  • does not fade in the sun;
  • hygienic;
  • does not change color over time;
  • has a wide palette and variety of textures;
  • you can apply the selected image to the surface and simulate any natural surface;
  • affordable;
  • it is sold not only in building supermarkets, but also in online stores;


Chipboard is a material that has some disadvantages. There are a few of them:

  1. The cover does not like water.
  2. Chipboard is afraid of scratches.
  3. When heated, formaldehyde resins are released. Be sure to finish the edges with polypropylene or acrylic.
  4. The coating does not tolerate the effects of alkalis and acids.

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How to choose: what to look for

When choosing a cover, consider a few nuances:

Size: length, width in mm

Countertop size calculation option

Enterprises produce countertops of standard thickness. Length and width have several options:

  1. Plate thickness – 28 mm. Popular sizes: length: 3050 mm, width – 600, 900, 1200 mm.
  2. Plate thickness – 38 mm. The length and width are the same as the thinner slab.

The edges of the plates can be straight or rounded. Sometimes the bends are both below and above. How to choose an electric stove for the kitchen, read here.

Laminated chipboard worktops match the width of the kitchen unit. The standard size is 600 mm.

At the request of the customer, specialists will produce this interior detail on an individual order. Additional time will be required, the cost of the product will increase.

countertops in the kitchen

A custom countertop project will cost more, but it will make the kitchen more original.

The natural stone finish will look more spectacular if you order a 38 mm thick countertop.


Chipboard countertops look like puff pastry. The top layer is made of polymer film or plastic.

For the production of furniture, a chipboard of a waterproof class is used. The plastic coating is much stronger than the film coating. A glossy surface looks more impressive and is less susceptible to dirt, grease, and moisture.

The surface of chipboard plates is:

  • glossy;
  • matte;
  • embossed.

In a modest-sized kitchen, install a countertop with a glossy finish. The light reflected from the surface will visually enlarge the space. In addition, such a coating looks spectacular and elegant.


Chipboard is a high-quality material with improved performance characteristics. Several layers of special paper plastic are applied to the chipboard base using special technologies. The film is securely connected to the base.

Works are carried out under high pressure and temperature. The leading edge is completely covered with a plastic laminate. The coating is moisture resistant and very durable.

Advantages of chipboard:

  • the material is better tolerated by chemicals;
  • does not burn out;
  • does not absorb odors and moisture.

Do not be stingy and stop at laminated chipboard. The material is more expensive, but the service life and resistance to various factors fully justify the price of the product.

Colors for plastic, marble, kitchen chipboard

countertops for kitchen

Tabletop is a great way to create a harmonious interior

A rich palette is one of the advantages of the coating. A special RAL table has been developed to harmoniously combine the tabletop with the color of the furniture. The coating can imitate both natural and artificial materials.

You can choose a countertop that matches the tone of the kitchen set. This option looks great in styles:

  • country;
  • provence;
  • Scandinavian;
  • Mediterranean;
  • classical.

The contrasting combination of colors will give the kitchen a stylish bright look. This option is appropriate in the style:

  • high-tech;
  • Japanese;
  • minimalism;
  • modern;
  • techno;
  • loft.

Dark work area

Popular option. Many housewives choose this combination.

dark countertop in the kitchen

Bright, stylish, defiant – this is what a dark countertop looks like in the kitchen


  • dark color well hides scratches and stains from spilled chemicals and food acids;
  • banal unwillingness to “peel off” a light glossy surface.

A dark countertop requires light kitchen furniture and walls. It is also better to make the apron and tiles on the wall light. Too many dark shades will make the kitchen rather dull and gloomy.

The combination of a black countertop and a white kitchen set looks great. Complete the composition in the kitchen with black details: a vase, an extractor hood, chair legs, a wall clock. Do not overdo it! The base is white, black only sets accents.


This option is suitable for women who consider themselves ideal housewives. The coating requires careful maintenance. Gloss looks more refined than a matte finish.

white countertop

The white glossy tabletop looks great against the background of a contrasting apron. The kitchen set can also be white.

A similar combination of colors is popular in the Mediterranean style, which is characterized by lightness and an abundance of light shades. Some details of the situation can complement the gentle romantic style. For example, buy a lamp, textiles and white appliances.

A shiny white tabletop is suitable for high-tech, loft-style. Loft-style kitchen furniture can be silver, red.

Courageous housewives with creative thinking order black facades for the white coating of the working area. The option is interesting.

Black color should not dominate. White blinds, floor, chairs will add freshness.

Chipboard apron: thickness, manufacturing, processing

Particleboards are often used to equip an apron in the kitchen. From chipboard, the excellent coverage with high decorative and protective properties turns out. Apron panel thickness: 3–10 mm. Which sink for the kitchen to choose, read on this link.

Of course, glass or tiles are stronger and more durable. But, the price remains an obstacle for many housewives when installing an apron made of these materials. Read about the design of the working area of ​​a PVC apron in this article.

The cost of chipboard is more democratic when made by hand. With such a surface, chipboard is not afraid of exposure to grease, hot water, steam, and dirt. Colors are varied. The coating can be washed with household chemicals.

Modern technologies make it possible to apply a high-quality polymer film to the chipboard.

Many manufacturers produce sets of countertops and an apron of the same colorThis type of finish using chipboard looks stylish and original. Read also about the MDF apron.


The rules are simple:

  1. Immediately wipe up spilled liquid from the bar (bar table) or regular countertops, especially in the sink area. With a new countertop, the sink is usually changed as well.
  2. Do not cut food with a knife directly on the countertop.
  3. Do not place hot pots and pans on top.
  4. Do not spill acids and alkalis. Remove the substance with a damp cloth and wipe the surface dry.
  5. Do not use hard brushes or abrasive compounds.
  6. Do not leave wet rags on the countertop for a long time.
countertop for kitchen

The tabletop is not only a work area but also a decorative element.

Chipboard kitchen worktop is a modern coating with high decorative and operational properties, such as marble. The material has many advantages. Proper care of the coating will allow you to enjoy the pleasant appearance of the countertop for a long time.


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