Can you juice blueberries

There are large numbers of fruits that enrich with high nutrition and vitamins. Even they contain fibers that give excellent health benefits. It is possible to make juice from almost all sorts of fruits. But, some food items are difficult to use to make the drink, such as pineapples. However, the berries are opposite to such fruits. In particular, the blueberries are juicy. They are the best way to maintain the cholesterol level in the blood. We will tell you about can you juice blueberries.

Are Blueberries best For Juicing?

The incredible thing about the blueberries is that they have no large inner cores. In addition, they are with soft flesh and consist of a large quantity of water. The accurate method for the juicing of blueberry is the most important. You will also know how to make your juice blueberry more efficiently with different easiest ways from this article.

The output of the liquid is low as compared to other fruits. Therefore, you will require a lot of berries. The specialty of blueberry juice is that you can easily use it in most smoothies. It considers as one of the essential super-foods that should include in our daily healthy diet routine.

Consider things about Equipment.

Juicer plays a crucial role in the making of different juices. You will need a good-quality juicer for all different recipes. The centrifugal juicers are the most appropriate option for juicing blueberries. The reason is that they contain large grills and work at high speed. Thereby, you will get fresh fruit juices at any time in your house.

There is no need for any extra equipment. You will quickly make different drinks if you have a good juicer or blender. Moreover, you can put blended blueberries in the refrigerator for later use.

Can you juice blueberries  

How to make blueberries juice?

Always try to choose fresh blueberries instead of older ones. It is essential because they contain more value of nutrition. There are free radicals that cause illness in the body. But it can fight against them. The canning blueberry juices are not readily available in the market. 

Even some of these juices have a high concentration of sugar, which is not too good for health. Now, you may think about what you should do. The answer is more straightforward. You have to make it in your home. We will provide some specific methods for quickly making a fresh drink.

1. Good rinsing

There are two categories of every fruit. One is organic, and the other is inorganic. If you want to use organic blueberries, you have to simply rinse with clean water is sufficient. On the other hand, if you are using inorganic, it is essential to soak them properly.

The soaking process is the easiest. Take eight parts of water with only two parts of vinegar. Mix well, and then add all blueberries to it. We recommend you use white vinegar. Leave for a minimum of 15 minutes. At last, rinse them with clean water.

2. Methods

Now, it’s time to know about those methods to make juicing blueberry. They are not very difficult. In a very short time, you will make it for your whole family.

  1. Blending method

If you are using the blender, you have to add sugar. When the fruits combine with the sweet ingredients, they give a more delicious taste. Besides, the syrup can also use for this purpose. There are two ways for the blending method.

You can blend with or without water. The addition of water aims to enhance the texture of the drink. On the opposite side, if you do not want to add water, it will become less drink and more puree.

The measurement is simple. If you take one cup of berries, you will need one cup of water. Keep blending until the texture becomes smooth. The resulted mixture is with the best drinkable consistency.

Some people avoid drinking that contains skin pieces of fruits. If it is also your case, strain the blended mixture and drink. But remember one thing that the skin also has beneficial elements.

How to make blueberry juice in a blender

Here, we will tell you a fantastic blueberry juice recipe. We will describe all the instructions to make berries drink in the blender. The motor of the blender should have high speed. So, you will get the instant output of smooth consistency.

Firstly, rinse all fruits that you want to put in the blender, including berries. Therefore, there will not be debris on the ingredients. Secondly, put the berries in the blender with half a cup of water. Thirdly, add all the remaining food items of your choice.

Now, blend at high speed. Thus, you will obtain the best texture. After that, strain the mixture in any bowl. You can press the ready mixture through a spoon. In this way, the pulp will separate from the blending mixture.

You can add lemon juice to enhance its taste. Moreover, put ice cubes to make it a chill drink. Mix well and then pour in the tall, beautiful glasses and serve.

  1. Juicing Method

The juicing method is about using the juicer machine. The powerful motor of juicers can speedily make the drinks.

Can you juice blueberries in a juicer?

It is always best to use a container for placing under the machine’s spout. The purpose is not to waste any part of the liquid. Pass all the ingredients one by one. You have to put the berries at last because the taste will remain in all mixture. The addition of lemon is all your choice. After that, put ice cubes in the glass and then put the mixture. Lastly, you can garnish with mint leaves.

  1. Boiling method

If you do not have a blender or juicer or you do not want to use them, try this boiling method. Sometimes, there is a shortage of electricity. And, coincidently, at that time, we also want to drink fresh juices. This method is uncomplicated that if you are new to the kitchen, you can efficiently follow it. And, no doubt, you will surprise your family also.

How to juice blueberries without a juicer

No problem if you do not have a juicer. You can also make a tasty drink. First of all, boil all berries in hot water. During the boiling, mix them with a spoon. In this way, their juices will be out from them. Then, strain the mixture, and you will get the tasty liquid.

Most people love this method due to its smooth level. But, one factor is that you will lose some of the nutrients in the boiling procedure.

3. Tips & variations

You should follow certain tips to make a different variation of drinks. The first idea is to use the strawberries to make a sweet drink. The second idea is to use wild berries to make the wild mixture. And, the last one is to choose all organic berries.

4. Addition for blueberry juices  

The blueberry drink is the most versatile because it works great with other ingredients such as lemon. You can also add fruits of your choice, such as melon. The melon tastes amazing with berries. A variety of different food items can add to them.

5. Storage

The storage all depends on the time of your drinking. You can store it in the refrigerator as well as the freezer. Also, you can drink immediately after its making. Store it in the fridge if your place is to drink in the next morning or two to three days. Besides, if you want to save it for a few months, keep it in your freezer.  

Extract Juice

The extraction is a simple task. It will use in many different recipes. With the following points, you will know how to extract.

  • Prepare fruit

You have to carefully wash the berries. As we told you, they are soft. So, if you will wash carelessly, you may lose some of its liquid. After washing, drain them completely and then put off their stems.

  • Extracting

Take a saucepan and add berries with water. After boiling, they become softer, and with little pressing, they will pull out all their liquid. You can also use the jelly bag for this purpose.

Life span

The lifespan of fresh blueberry juice will depend on the method of storage. If you keep it in the refrigerator, its lifespan is only 2-3 days. However, it will remain fresh for many months in the freezer. But, freezing may little change the texture.

Can you juice frozen blueberries?

Yes, you can use frozen berries. But, the important thing is to do the process of thaw. You will add the frozen fruits to the juicer after thawing them. As a result, you will get a fresh taste. Otherwise, the tastes will not be too good if you do not thaw them.

What to do with leftover blueberry juice

The best way is to freeze it, so it will not taste bad in a short time. For freezing, you will need any ziplock bag. Put the berries mixture in it and freeze for more than five months. It will remain fresh.


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