Blanco kitchen faucets: which are the best, how to choose

In the kitchen, a sink and a tap are one of the most important conditions. Not a single modern and fashionable gadget can replace this device, which is already several thousand years old. A tap that supplies water is an opportunity for comfortable work and maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen. And if it fails, this is a big nuisance, which in some cases can be eliminated only by replacing the mixer.

Kitchen faucet in the kitchen

Blanco kitchen faucets

A kitchen mixer today has become so commonplace that few people pay attention to it in most apartments and houses. Especially if its design is unremarkable and it works properly. Of course, the main function of any water tap in the kitchen is to perform its direct functions – hermetically sealed water flow during idle time and mixing in the right proportion of hot and cold water for use. And, of course, the flawless operation of all movable elements – the swivel “gander”, the elements of limiting the water flow – valves or “one-armed bandit”, as the single-lever control mechanism is nicknamed in everyday life.

Also important is the aesthetic appearance of the mixer – modern approaches to kitchen design require an emphasis on this functional device, its harmonious correspondence with the interior of the room. And you can read about the Kaiser kitchen faucet in this article.

Mixers of the German company Blanco are considered one of the best today – they are absolutely reliable, durable, made in different form factors and from a wide variety of materials with various decorative finishes.


Blanco kitchen faucets

There are several mixer options

Today, global manufacturers of plumbing fixtures produce a huge range of kitchen faucets, which differ in the following parameters:

By type of controls

Blanco kitchen faucets

Valve taps are a classic: reliable and comfortable

Classic mixers were (and are still being produced) with valve separate control of hot and cold water flows. By adjusting the flow rate by rotating the valves, you can set the required temperature and pressure of the mixed water. These are the most inexpensive modifications with minimal ergonomics of use. Such devices are used in kitchens made in retro or minimalist style.

Of the inexpensive Blanco models, one can single out such as the classic form Amona, Ambra. And if you want to install an exclusive faucet “antique”, in the Venetian style, then you should pay attention to the company’s products such as the Teka Antique Plus series.

Blanco kitchen faucets

Lever faucets require some skill in adjusting the flow of water

Then lever mixers appeared, in which the indicators of mixed water are regulated by changing the position of the control elements along one axis for two-lever separate structures and two (vertical and horizontal) for single-lever variations. Their first modifications can be advised such products from Blanco as the super-presentable FONTAS or the more inexpensive Plados OLDSTYLE, which will look great in a semi-antique kitchen.

Any lever models are much more convenient to operate, they are much more durable, but they require the installation of additional water filters, since they are very sensitive to water quality.

Blanco kitchen faucets

Sensor mixers are the most economical.

And the most recent developments in the plumbing industry are touch-sensitive kitchen sink faucets, which lack all mechanical controls. Such models are usually equipped with kitchens in “smart” houses or apartments filled with high-tech electronic devices connected to a common network controlled by a central computer.


Mixers of the German brand Blanco are made from three materials:

Blanco kitchen faucets
  1. Ceramics is a modern durable material, strong, but with increased fragility. Looks good when installed on a ceramic kitchen sink.
  2. The so-called granite modifications are made from artificial acrylic stone. They go well with a granite sink.
  3. Stainless steel faucets are the most readily available and are offered in a variety of form factors, with various shades of decorative and protective coatings, such as:
  • alumina;
  • Blanco kitchen faucetsanthracite;
  • champagne;
  • beige;
  • golden;
  • white;
  • chrome;
  • pearl;
  • coffee and others.

Spout options

Blanco kitchen faucets

L-shaped spout – fashionable and stylish.

There are two main types of kitchen faucets: cast, with a static spout, and prefabricated, with the spout turning to the sides to direct the water jet to different areas of the sink.

There are also many forms of these elements. There are spouts:

Blanco kitchen faucets
  • R-shaped;
  • J-shaped;
  • L-shaped;
  • S-shaped;
  • C-shaped.

According to the length of the spouts, the following types are distinguished:

  • shortened – from 155 to 184 millimeters;
  • medium – from 200 to 235 millimeters;
  • long – 240 … 280 millimeters and more. And you can find out about the built-in washing machine by the link.

There are modifications of kitchen faucets with a pull-out spout, significantly expanding the functionality of this sanitary device and models with a separate supply of filtered drinking water. The latter include some modifications of the Blanco product line: the budget Plados BEV10 series, the elite FONTAS and some others.


Blanco kitchen faucet

Installing a mixer is not that difficult

Installing any kitchen mixer, even the most expensive one, is within the power of every person who is more or less versed in technology. The main thing in this case is to initially choose the correct type of device that is suitable for the type of your sink. You can find out about kitchen accessories and supplies here.

Blanco kitchen faucets

The principle is the same for all models, but nuances are possible

How to change the faucet in the kitchen:

Blanco kitchen faucet
  • First you need to shut off both valves (hot and cold water).
  • Then we screw the flexible supply hoses of cold / hot / purified water into the threaded connection, after passing them through the fastening nut and gaskets from the lower and upper sides of the sink. You can create an additional seal from FUM tape, tow or flax. First tighten the connections by hand with maximum effort. After turning on the water, if leaks are found, they should be additionally tightened with an adjustable wrench.
  • After connecting the flexible pipes, we fix the mixer on the surface of the sink by screwing in the fixing pin, installing the gasket, metal U-shaped washer and screwing in the lower nut. And you can read about the Groe mixer for the kitchen in this article.

Operating rules

If any structural element of the kitchen sink mixer fails, it is necessary to replace them exclusively with original spare parts or high-quality analogs, otherwise irreparable damage to the plumbing device is possible.

Blanco kitchen faucets

Proper care will prolong the life of the device

It is necessary to regularly check the tightness and quality of tightening of all butted joints. You can additionally use water-saving attachments.

Blanco kitchen faucets

Beautiful faucets will become a highlight of the kitchen

The surface of a metal kitchen faucet should be washed only with alkaline detergents, avoiding contact with active chemical acids that can lead to visible indelible stains and destruction of the decorative layer.

Blanco kitchen faucets

Mixer with electronic or touch control – an unusual and modern device

A kitchen faucet should be reliable, practical, ergonomic and beautiful. All these parameters correspond to the products of the Blanco company. From the huge range of mixers of this brand, you can choose a product that suits you in appearance, functionality and cost. You can read about siphons for washbasins here. 


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