Argentinian sweets Cordovan colasiones

Hello friends of KitchensCity! Today we have some delicious Argentine sweets.

It is time for us to learn to make Cordovan snacks.

They are very, very rich sweets and I find it extremely unintelligible why they are not sold in Buenos Aires kiosks …

About this Cordovan snack recipe

Dulce de leche collations are a classic of Argentine sweets that Córdoba has hijacked for itself and is not available in the rest of the country.

Therefore, Buenos Aires residents have no other option than to learn how to make Cordovan snacks.

Luckily, there are recipes like this one, to make easy snacks. The dough for collations is very similar to the dough for the Santa Fe alfajores (conspiracy intensifies), and learning how to make the glacé for collations is very simple.

In addition, they are a fairly rustic Argentine candy, so you don’t have to be very neat to make them (luckily, otherwise I’m dead).

I understand, people of Cordoba, that you want to indulge in the typical food of Cordoba, but there are things that should be world heritage sites, and you know it. How are you going to keep the secret of one of the richest homemade Argentine sweets in the country? Someone has to stop this madness.

Do you want me to continue making regional Argentine recipes? After the democratization of dulce de leche snacks, I don’t mind at all. This is the royal road to federalism.


A few come out!

-250G. flour 0000

-4 yolks

-50g. butter

-1 tbsp. alcohol

-1 pinch salt

-75g. water

-sweet milk

For coverage:

-1 clear

-250g. powdered sugar

-1 dash of lemon

Step by step to make these Argentine sweets

1- In a bowl we pour the flour and add 4 yolks. The whites we leave aside.

2- Add the ointment butter and a tablespoon of ethyl alcohol. We also add the warm water.

3- We mix until it is well integrated, and once it is united, we lower it to the counter and begin to knead it. You need to knead this bun for 10 minutes. This is to make the point look good. They can add flour so that it does not stick, but they do not sag.

4- Once the 10 minutes have passed, you will have a beautiful and soft bun. We put it back in the bowl, cover it with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for 30 minutes.

5- When leaving the refrigerator, we put a little flour on the counter and on the rolling pin, and we began to stretch it. It has to be very finite.

6- Now, with a glass, we are going to cut the caps of our stretched dough. If they have excess dough, they put it together, stretch it again and cut it again.

7- By having all the caps, what we are going to do is prick each one with a fork while we stretch it a little so that it has a more oval shape.

8- We place them on a griddle and take them to the oven at 180º for 10 minutes. When they are, we take them out and we are going to let them cool.

9- It is time to make the glaze: It is with one of the egg whites that we reserve at the beginning. We have it in a bowl and there we are going to add a couple of tablespoons of the total powdered sugar we have. We are going to beat slightly until it binds well. Once attached, we take it to the microwave for 10 seconds. When we take it out, we stir again and we are going to take it another 10 more to the microwave. When taking it out, we are going to add the rest of the sugar and a little lemon juice. We mix and unite well. It is necessary, to be able to bathe all our snacks and that the meringue does not harden, to keep it in a double boiler while they put together these Argentine treats.

10- With the meringue done and the cookies already cold, we are going to proceed with the assembly of these treats: We take cookie by cookie, spread them with a good spoonful of dulce de leche and dip them in the meringue so that it covers them. They can make it whole or just half a cookie. Let cool for a few minutes and that’s it! If you wish, you can also add walnut.


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