Are You Aware Of Fireplace Glass Doors Benefits

The winter season is rapidly making its way upon us. That means frigid temperatures in some parts of the country. Still, this time of the year is among the most favored for some people because the household becomes exceptionally cozy by adding a lovely wood-burning fire.

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Many who are fortunate to have a chimney and fireplace might not have considered the advantages of placing custom fireplace glass doors on the firebox. In homes with a fireplace, the architectural element acts as the focal point for the space. There’s a distinct beauty added with custom glass doors.

Aside from aesthetics, there’s a layer of safety when placing doors over the open space from the fire, and other benefits include keeping energy costs down. Let’s take an opportunity to examine some advantages of custom-fitting glass doors over your fireplace.

Are You Aware Of Fireplace Glass Door Benefits

Not everyone is aware you can have glass doors custom fit with a specific style, color, shape, and design to suit your home’s aesthetic. While your fireplace might have been the focal point of your space, with the addition of a set of beautifully designed glass doors, it will really stand out when guests visit.

The aesthetic is not the only draw for the doors. These provide an added layer of safety for the firebox, where many homeowners tend to worry about it being open, especially where small children and pets are concerned.

  • The safety factor

A primary consideration when using a fireplace is the safety. The indication is that the addition of glass doors helps to decrease potential hazards when burning wood on an open hearth. 

These help to keep sparks and embers from escaping in almost a protective barrier capacity so no one becomes injured and nothing can catch fire. With certain wood, sparks and embers are more prevalent. 

These tend to be destructive when landing on flooring or carpeting or if there are “floaters,” the furniture is at risk. Regardless of the wood used, the logs will start to shift once the fire slows, with the potential for logs to escape. That wouldn’t be an issue if doors were in place.

  • Lower energy bills

The suggestion is cooling, and heating costs with an open hearth fireplace soars because the dampers aren’t always ideally sealed to keep the air from either entering or escaping the household. 

An open fireplace is reminiscent of having a window ajar in the home, pushing the warm air outside in the winter and the cooler air from the AC in the summer. The glass doors create a greater degree of energy efficiency because they offer an improved seal.

  • The smoke is retained

The chimney can produce sudden downdrafts, which glass fireplace doors help to either decrease or eliminate these effects resulting in smoke.

  • Style, design, shapes, sizes

Any room with a fireplace immediately emits a warm, inviting feeling for guests. It’s the focal point of the space and the area where everyone gathers when visiting, relaxing after a long day, or enjoying the family. The room can be that much more attractive with the addition of custom fireplace glass doors. 

The market is vast for these, ranging in color, shape, style, and size to suit your specific space. Regardless of your aesthetic, the glass can suit your particular design needs.

Another indication that many people with a fireplace have issues with is the dirty firebox and how to conceal that. Often blackened wood and cinder are in the box, making it look unkempt. The doors keep the view pretty, especially when the fire is lit; it dominates the attention.

Final Thought

With winter fast approaching, fires will be lit in the open hearths, and people will gather around them, whether visiting a friend’s home after a long day of work or enjoying time spent with the family. 

The problem with an open hearth when people gather around is the potential for sparks and embers to escape, and as the fire slows, logs tend to shift and escape. 

It’s vital to be exceptionally cautious, particularly if you have young children or pets in the household. You also want to ensure that nothing escaping is a danger to the flooring or the furniture or has the potential to catch fire.

One way to avoid fireplace hazards is to close the hearth opening with custom fireplace glass doors. These add exceptional safety when using the firebox, essentially sealing the area. Plus, they provide energy efficiency for the household saving considerable expenses, and on top of that . . . they look good.


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