Are Ceramic Pans Safe

You need a new pan again?There is a question in your mind are ceramic pans safe ? Most of us use a pan almost every day in the kitchen. So more important to pay attention to quality, because after all, the food should not burn, taste good. The pan should be easy to clean, and cooking is merely fun. Stainless steel pans, coated models and, more recently, ceramic pans are available.

But are the latter even recommended for daily sizzling on the stove? Are these pans wholly made of ceramic or just coated with it? And how durable is the coating? How do ceramics pans behave when they are used to make fried eggs, meat, vegetables, or pancakes? Now the main question is are ceramic pans safe?

Advantages Of A Ceramic Pan: are ceramic pans safe

Since the coating does not peel off in regular use, the health benefits can not be denied. Cooking is also made more comfortable in a ceramic pan, as nothing sticks or burns. Cleaning is also effortless thanks to the non-stick coating. Also, you need when frying with the ceramic pan only very little fat; sometimes it is even without. This is calorie-saving and thus, figure-friendly.

Ceramic pans are even resistant to higher temperatures than many other products. Heats up to 400 ° C are not a problem, so ideal for roasting crispy fried potatoes, meatballs or the like. There are no harmful substances in the ceramic coating, which makes cooking healthy. Even if in rare cases something should come off.

With Teflon pans, on the other hand, unhealthy particles can dissolve. Incidentally, the heat distribution in ceramic pans is also excellent. And even in the oven they can usually be placed, provided the material on the handle allows it. Here again, the information about the ceramic coating at a glance:

  • Ceramic coatings are considered very durable and scratch-resistant
  • Good non-stick properties
  • Can be heated up to 400 ° C
  • No pollutants in the material
  • Good heat distribution
  • Easy cleaning
  • Can often be put in the oven

What about cleaning? Nothing easier than that. Thanks to the coating, nothing sticks to and in the pan. This means that cleaning is only possible with detergent and a cloth or soft sponge. However, Sharp-edged sponges should be kept away from the pan. In the dishwasher you should also not give them and if, then only if the manufacturer recommends so. Here are the essential tips for cleaning at a glance:

The non-stick coating makes cleaning easyDish soap, water, and a soft sponge are sufficientAvoid sharp-edged spongesNot necessarily dishwasher safe

Does A Ceramic Pan Have Any Disadvantages?

A ceramic pan offers only advantages over a conventional pan. This applies only to high-quality models.

With cheap pans, the floor is often not completely flat, or they tend to warp after a short time. Not all ceramic pans are dishwasher safe. However, since cleaning is effortless, this is not a significant drawback.

10 Benefits Of Ceramic Pans

  • Ceramic pans can tolerate heat better, up to 450 degrees. This makes them a lot more durable than normal pans, since they do not burn.
  • The ceramic pans from Royalty Line Switzerland are suitable for all heat sources. Gas, electric, ceramic and induction. They can therefore also be used as induction pans.
  • Because the pan does not contain a Teflon layer, no toxic substances are released.
  • There is no oil or butter needed in baking, since the pan has a smooth ceramic layer.
  • The pan is easy to clean since nothing sticks and the smooth layer is so clean. My friend even asked when he saw the pans on the stove whether they had been used since they looked so clean … after baking!
  • Producing this pan is more environmentally conscious, since the process is less harmful to the environment.
  • The bottom of the pan has no HOT spots, the heat is distributed well over the pan by the ceramic layer, so you have an optimal cooking result.
  • These ceramic frying pans will also not warp, the sturdy bottom often consists of 6 layers: 1 layer of steel, 3 days of aluminum and 2 thick layers of ceramic.
  • The pans are oven-proof, because the handle can easily be dismantled, so slide it into the oven!
  • The 10-piece ceramic cookware set is available in great colors such as pink, light brown or burgundy, but also in cream and black.


In conclusion, ceramic pans are an alternative to all the other pans that are available in stores. But, there are, of course, significant-quality differences here as well. Very cheap pans often have no flat bottom or warp quickly. Not all models are compatible with an induction cooker; here, you must pay attention. Some models have a removable handle, which is especially useful if the pan is to be put into the oven.

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