Apricot Juice Benefits

The apricot tree belongs to the Plum family. Its homeland is China – nowadays you can find wild varieties of apricots there. Due to their beautiful appearance, apricot trees are often planted on the streets of most southern cities from an ornamental point of view. The fruits of the apricot tree are monochromatic plants that are yellow or orange in color. The shape of the fruit can be varied – it depends on the variety. Apricot fruits are used for different purposes – for drying and drying, as well as amazingly tasty and healthy jams, preserves and juice are prepared from them. It is about the apricot juice benefits that will be discussed further.

Apricot Juice Benefits

Composition of apricot juice

The juice of apricot fruits contains a large amount of sugars, a little fiber, organic acids, as well as starch, insulin and dextrin. Apricot juice is very rich in vitamins – carotene, B1, P, PP and some others. In terms of carotene content, apricot ranks first among all fruits and berries that grow in our country. In addition to vitamins, apricot juice also contains valuable trace elements – potassium, iodine and iron. 

Apricot juice contains a useful substance – pectin, which helps to effectively remove toxins, heavy metal salts and toxins from the human body. And it also has a very beneficial effect on the state of blood vessels, as it is able to completely release from cholesterol “plaques”. The tannins present in apricot have a positive effect on the intestines and strengthen it. And thanks to its excellent antibiotic properties, apricot juice is able to effectively resist bacteria.

Vitamin A, contained in apricot juice, is essential for maintaining normal nerve and bone tissue, as well as mucous membranes. Also, this vitamin affects the metabolism in the human body, protein synthesis and its reduction and oxidative processes. In addition, carotene plays a very important role in maintaining good vision, in the formation of teeth and bones, as well as in the formation of new cells, due to which the aging process of the body is significantly slowed down.

Useful properties of apricot juice or Apricot Juice Benefits

Regular consumption of apricot juice helps to improve the general condition of the body, and also has many other beneficial properties. Due to its remarkable mineral and vitamin composition, apricot juice is primarily recommended for people who experience problems with the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, and are also overweight.

Apricot Juice Benefits

Apricot juice helps to restore all the vital forces of the body, it has a good ability to positively affect the organs of hematopoiesis – and therefore helps with anemia, as well as with vitamin deficiencies and hypovitaminosis. But this is far from all the medicinal properties of apricot juice. The pectin contained in it contributes to the improvement of well-being during various intoxications, and its excellent antioxidant properties make this juice extremely useful in treating oncological diseases.

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For people who are overweight and obese, doctors recommend apricot juice as a dietary food. The fact is that it promotes the fastest elimination of toxins and toxins from the body, and also normalizes the metabolic process in the body. As a result, all excess fluid is completely removed from the body, and the fat layer begins to gradually decrease. In addition, regular intake of apricot juice has a positive effect on bowel function.

Apricot juice is famous for its fairly high iron content, thanks to which it is very useful for the processes of blood formation. In connection with this feature, it is often prescribed as an additional remedy for anemia and low hemoglobin. Apricot juice can have a beneficial effect on the work of the brain due to the magnesium and phosphorus it contains. In addition, magnesium is also useful for high blood pressure – in this regard, people suffering from hypertension are recommended to drink half a glass of apricot juice three times a day before eating. Also, the substances contained in apricot juice help to activate the work of the digestive organs and improve metabolism. Apricot juice also contains iodine, which is able to prevent any “failures” in the thyroid gland.

And, apricot juice can be taken not only internally, but also externally – especially for acne, as well as for wound healing.

Apricot juice in folk medicine

Many recipes for treatment with apricot juice have survived to this day. One of them was actively used by the healers of Ancient China – they recommended that people, exhausted by diseases, consume from one to three glasses of juice daily. This method helped patients to rehabilitate faster after debilitating and serious illnesses.

Apricot juice is rightfully an effective natural “builder” of adipose tissue, cells, as well as teeth and bones, and therefore it is extremely useful for pregnant women and their unborn babies.

In case of problems with the gastrointestinal tract – with colitis, dysbiosis, flatulence and some other troubles, you should drink about one hundred milliliters of apricot juice daily, which helps to normalize the acidity of the stomach. As an excellent diuretic, apricot juice will help get rid of many problems affecting the genitourinary system. In this case, only freshly squeezed apricot juice should be consumed.

In order to prepare tasty and healthy apricot juice, it is necessary to select ripe and undamaged fruits. They should be thoroughly washed and dried, and then separated from the flesh from the seeds. After that, place the halves of the fruit in a juicer and squeeze. You can also knead the fruits with a crush or a regular fork, and then squeeze through clean cheesecloth. Remember that pulpy apricot juice is much healthier – so don’t squeeze it too hard. It is not recommended to store ready-made apricot juice in the refrigerator, as cold air can quickly destroy its beneficial properties.


Apricot juice contains a large amount of sugars, and in this regard, its use is contraindicated in people suffering from diabetes mellitus, as well as those who have low thyroid function. It is also recommended to give up this juice in those cases if you are experiencing serious liver problems – from inflammation to hepatitis. It should also be borne in mind that in the presence of such diseases, the body will not absorb vitamin A.

Apricot seeds are fraught with danger – and this must be taken into account when juicing. The fact is that they contain a substance called amygdalin glycoside, which, when it enters the human body, turns into a dangerous poison – hydrocyanic acid. 

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